10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

1. Victoria’s Secret is on fire. Apparently, there’s a bunch of brands for “real people” who will smash it down. But its parent company, L Brands, just had a stellar quarter, notching a 7% rise in sales on 3% last year. Tonight, the iconic lingerie brand will air its annual over-the-top fashion show. And it now controls a whopping 62% of the lingerie market. Here’s why.

2. How do you know when you’ve gone too far? When the local newspaper uses its front page to say you’re just like that other worst person in history:

Donald Trump’s proposal to bar all Muslims immigrants and tourists from entering the US may have cut his stellar run for office short. Everyone’s saying it’s clear Hillary Clinton will wipe the floor with the real estate mogul. President Obama’s top spokesman said Trump had disqualified himself from the Oval Office with his “deeply offensive” proposal, adding that even Trump’s hair is a lie. So will Trump jump, hastily backtrack, or confidently leave it up to the people of the US to decide?

3. A different view of Myer. The iconic Aussie department store, like many retailers, is struggling. Profits were down 23% in the first half of the year, it got a new CEO and closed several stores in Sydney and Melbourne. But it has a turnaround strategy and to explain the changes to clients of Morgan Stanley, analyst Tom Kierath made this excellent video presentation where he walks around Myer pointing at things. We reckon he’s got some form:

But it’s actually very interesting – it’s a great insight into what an equities analyst looks at when they look at a company’s public-facing operations.

4. Iron ore knows no bottom. It fell another 1.05% overnight for a yearly decline of 45.8%. All the commodities giants are hurting, not the least Rio Tinto and BHP. But platinum behemoth Anglo American isn’t standing for it, and has unveiled a raft of “radical” changes in one of the most epic restructures we’ve seen for some time. For starters, dumping $55 billion in assets?

5. To the markets. Mining and energy keeps dragging the ASX down. Yesterday, the materials index closed at the lowest level since May 2005. Expect more of the same today – see iron ore above – with futures down 30 points and the dollar just clinging to 72 cents after copping a bit of a hiding:

Datawise, we’ll see what consumer sentiment brings in Australia today.

6. Frightening fact of the day – ISIS is pulling $110 million a month. Oil alone feeds the terrorists about $2.3 million a day, which is why coalition air strikes target oil trucks and fields. But there’s a bunch of other side projects that keep ISIS rolling in cash, such as scamming banks and selling all the antiques and artefacts they plunder. The question is – who’s buying it all?

7. What’s it like inside 10 Downing St? I’m glad you asked. EyeRevolution now has the complete virtual tour online, but we’ve got the highlights and juicy factoids. Including the one about why it’s painted black even though the bricks were discovered to be yellow when the building got its first good wash in the 1960s.

8. Your first and last days at work. Here are 12 things you should never say on your first day in a new job. And if you do blurt any, here are 13 things you should do as soon as you get sacked.

9. This iPhone ate all the pies:

Apple Smart Battery CaseAppleThe Smart Battery Case.

Apple’s latest accessory, a smart battery case that extends the iPhone’s charge to a reported 25 hours, clearly contradicts the company’s goals of making every generation of iPhone or iPad thinner and thinner, and fans aren’t impressed. But they got over it, and are now looking forward to March, when the smaller iPhone 6C and Watch 2 arrive – reportedly.

10. If only we could travel at light speed. Just because we can (and ThePlanets.org has the information), we knocked together a graphic showing how much closer all the stuff in the universe would be, like Mars – 4.35 light minutes away. We could get to Saturn quicker than a Sydney commute. Anyway, check it out, then get back to work.

BONUS ITEM: All the proof you need that Star Wars affects everybody. Because every kid, for 40 years, dreams of wielding a lightsaber and when they’re suddenly given a chance, this happens:

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