10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

What the internet looks likeWhat the internet connection cables look like around Australia. More below.

Good morning, and welcome to Tuesday!

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines jet has been widened – they really don’t know where it could have ended up. Experts say, however, the black boxes should turn up soon because of their underwater locator beacons, and authorities say they’ve at least laid eyes on CCTV images of the people who boarded on fake passports – and say they look like Italian footballer Mario Balotelli. Points for clarity.
  2. Research commissioned for Bill Shorten suggests the costs of recent industrial job loss announcements could cost taxpayers $600 million in extra dole payments and lost income tax. This comes two days before the unemployment figures on Thursday so expect a lot of talk about jobs over the coming days. There’s a Newspoll out today with the Coalition ahead 51-49 on two-party preferred but with Shorten’s approval rating languishing at 33 per cent, and his dissatisfaction rating at a wince-inducing 43 per cent.
  3. SPC Ardmona has struck a $70 million deal with Woolworths to supply canned fruit including tomatoes for five years. It’s a huge win for the struggling cannery which just weeks ago looked like it was heading for the wall when the federal government turned down a request for $25 million in support. It’s interesting too that the lifeline comes from a major supermarket; as we reported last month, an anti-dumping commission investigation identified declining shelf space for SPC products in the major supermarkets, and their acceptance of cut-price Italian tomatoes, as helping put the screws on SPCA’s bottom line.
  4. The cameraman who was filming with Steve Irwin the day he was killed by a stingray yesterday revealed extraordinary details of the TV star’s final moments. They had found a huge, eight-foot-wide stingray and they went for “one last shot” with Irwin behind the animal, which reared up and started whipping with its tail and striking Irwin through the chest with its barb.
  5. “Blade runner” and accused murderer Oscar Pistorius vomited in court overnight as details of the death of his partner, Reeva Steenkamp, were recounted in his trial.
  6. The RBA wants to make it harder for you to get a home loan, with some concern about the standards for people saying how much they’ll be able to live on once they’re making mortgage repayments.
  7. Developments in the greatest investment fight in the world at the moment: fund manager Bill Ackman vs Herbalife, the multilevel vitamin marketing company which Ackman says is a pyramid scheme and has made a $US1-billion-plus short bet against it. He believes the stock will go to $0. A New York Times investigation has raised some questions about supposed complaints to the FTC about Herbalife – the people who wrote the letters don’t remember writing them – but Ackman says he has evidence that Herbalife broke direct selling laws in China.
  8. Millennials need regular feedback at work because they want to “keep score” on how they are doing in all aspects of their career, and never want a surprise. One theory is it’s partly because of having grown up with the Internet, which offers constant instant feedback. More here.
  9. Cronulla Sharks and NSW State of Origin captain Paul Gallen could be out for months after hearing a crack when he went over on his ankle last night playing against the Titans.
  10. Apple is planning to build a new headquarters building – nicknamed “the spaceship” – which will mean employees never have to see a car – just jogging and cycling tracks, and the rolling California landscape, as they look out the window. If you squint it looks a bit like a futuristic prison. Sketches and more details here.

Bonus item: Here’s a fascinating map of the physical internet. There are some close-ups here.

Have a cracking day. I’m on Twitter: @colgo

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