10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning!

1. New Pixel hitting our shores. One of the biggest tech conferences, Google I/O, just wrapped up and we have all the biggest announcements for you, including Google Lens features that can automatically split bills if you point your phone at it, the new Pixel 3a smartphone which hit Australian stores yesterday, new privacy features, and a whole raft of other cool tech. Check out our live coverage here.

2. The Aussie dollar gets a bounce back following RBA rate decision, here’s our latest.

Investing.comAUD/USD Hourly Chart

Markets are waiting to see what happens on Friday with US-China trade negotiations, following a disastrous start to the week.

3. Thanks, boss. UberEats has launched its business integration so now you can charge the company for your working lunches and overtime dinners. Similar to Uber’s travel expenses for business, you can now manage employee food expenses, charge it to the company credit card and get an invoice directly to work rather than collecting those receipts. Perfect!

4. RBA holds interest rates (again). We doubt you missed it, but the RBA has decided to keep interest rates at 1.5%, rather than make a cut of 25 basis points, which many economists were anticipating. While leading indicators on the state of the Australian economy have continued to disappoint, the RBA held off on easing policy settings — the signals to watch are our next GDP report and the labour market.

5. We are the problem. The UN has conducted a report on Earth’s biodiversity, and the results were dire. It seems we are hurtling through species at the same scale as a mass extinction. The report indicated that around 500,000 to a million plant and animals species face extinction and human activity is the reason behind it.

6. Construction downturn. The construction sector is Australia’s third largest employer, employing over 9% of all workers — and construction activity levels are dropping, according to the latest Ai Group Performance of Construction Index (PMI) report. Staffing levels have been cut at the fastest pace in nearly six years, and it raises concerns about broader employment growth in Australia.

7. Eggboy 2.0. Prime Minister Scott Morrison was attacked by an egg-bearing protester yesterday, in an act he described as “cowardly”. The egg was thrown at Morrison during a Country Women’s Association event, but it appears the egg bounced off his head. The activist was immediately tackled by security and escorted from the premises.

8. “One in a million” shot. A research company in San Francisco has captured the exact moment North Korea launched a missile during a satellite fly by. The shot captured the exact location of the launch, with amazing clarity for a satellite roughly the size of a loaf of bread.

9. Greatest comeback of all time. Liverpool FC just made a phenomenal comeback in the Champions League against Barcelona FC. The crowd went wild (an understatement) in the last seven minutes when Liverpool ramped up an unbelievable finale to win 4-0 and send the team to the finals.

10. Highlights from the Met Gala. Co-chairs for the evening, Lady Gaga and Serena Williams really brought their A-game. Gaga wore no less than four dresses – stripping back layers like a babushka doll of fashion. Williams wore a stunning Versace gown matched with yellow Nikes. Top pick: Jared Leto, who brought a replica of his own head. Indulge yourself, and check out all your favourite celebrities here (and some you may never have heard of).

Watch out for the next gaming trend to jump into reality.

After Pokemon Go saw kids everywhere (and, let’s be honest, adults too) racing around the streets, could this be the next big craze?

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