10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

We’re all 100,000 years older. Picture: Columbia Pictures

Good morning.

1. In the US, Comey’s day is coming. The former FBI director will testify around midnight AEST to the Senate Intelligence Committee, and his prepared remarks are available to read now. But we’ve pulled out the best bits for you, including:

2. Meanwhile, somewhere in Canada:

The internet is losing its mind over captioning this picture of Barack Obama enjoying some steak and lobster with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

3. How do you know when you’re in a housing bubble? When a free car is added to paid stamp duty and a 6% rental guarantee. Brisbane developer ForceOne Development, backed by Chinese developer Chengdu Sanli Group, has sold only half of the 61 units in its boutique project “The One, West End” since launching late last year. It’s trying to shift the next 10 units by giving away a Toyota Yaris to anyone who signs before the end of June.

4. Westpac customers, have you seen this page?

Fake Westpac login page used for phishing scam. (Source: MailGuard)

If you have, look closely at the URL, then run away. Because if you enter your login details, you’ll lose all your money. It’s popping up after customers open a “Your account is locked” email.

5. Markets are quiet ahead of tonight’s UK election. The pound is holding above $US1.29 which shows currency traders are expecting a Conservative victory. But the Australian dollar is at a 6-week high ahead of “Triple Threat Thursday”. And in IPOs today, a Sydney software firm just kicked off this year’s biggest Australian tech IPO to raise $25 million. But a Canadian firm just got hit with the biggest IPO bust in the country since 2001. It was medical marijuana grower Medreleaf, and it dropped 28% on debut.

6. Oliver Stone, who once directed amazing films like Platoon and Natural Born Killers, had a lengthy sit-down with Vladimir Putin, in which Putin didn’t mock him every other minute. The interview will air as a four-part series on Showtime starting June 12. You’ll get to see Putin declare “I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days”, tell Stone what he would do in a shower with a gay man, and maybe confirm he has survived five assassination attempts.

7. This afternoon, a world-weary UK will wake up and go to the polls. Hopefully, more than 43% of 18-24s will turn out this time, because it would be dumb of them not to. Theresa May’s Tories should win comfortably, although not as comfortably as they might have two weeks ago. Brits are wondering if a Corbyn government might protect them better, despite having no idea how much that would actually cost. May last night said she will scrap citizens’ human rights if they “get in the way” of tackling terror suspects. That sounds a little desperate, and risky.

8. We could watch LiquiGlide GIFs all day:

More than a few people will baulk at the idea of what that kind of science is doing to their food. But they should also consider these stats about how much we all waste when we chuck bottles out with stuff still in them.

9. Apple came to the home assistant market late, but HomePod looks the goods (seven tweeters). It better be because you’ll be shelling out around $500 for one when it gets to Australia. That’s twice as much as Amazon’s Echo and nearly three times the price of a Google Home. And, as Ben Gilbert found out, the HomePod is much, much more limited.

10. Humans are nearly 100,000 years older than we thought they were. A team of archaeologists has found fossils which could represent the earliest known examples of Homo sapiens, in Morocco. And it could change a whole lot of what we know about evolution.

BONUS ITEM: And sticks the landing:

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