10 things you need to know this morning in Australia


Good morning.

1. First, to markets. US stocks finished slightly down. Akin Oyedele reports the Trump rally steam looks like it has run out, and wonders if a big drop might be the best thing that can happen next. The US President might have got a little smug as China’s FX reserves jumped for the first time since January, and SPI Futures were up 15 points as we head to the ASX open. Iron ore prices were choppy and the Aussie dollar has given back all of its post-RBA gains.

2. The White House hosted its first tour group since Donald Trump took the presidency. They got a big surprise and it was all a bit, well, David Brent:

3. Snapchat’s slide continued. It shed another 11% today to $US21, sending early investors deep into the red. The analysts are almost unanimously calling “sell”.

4. The New York Times invited Bridgewater billionaire Ray Dalio to speak at one of its events. Then when Dalio was chatting with NYT editor Charles Duhigg, he decided he’d “like to talk about the ridiculous New York Times article” and teed off on the Times’ habit of “miscovering” stories. Everything shrank a little more when he spoke about that awkward first time you walk into a nudist camp.

5. Stuck in traffic? Call a Pop.Up with your touchscreen computing system!

Yes, it’s another concept. This would be much more entertaining if Airbus ditched the CGI and told the designer “Go on, get in for a fly so we can film it for the pitch.” This wild design, however, is real – it’s McLaren’s newest supercar, the 720S, and it was just unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Along with the ultimate Lamborghini, the Huracán Performante.

6. WikiLeaks just released nearly 8000 pages and files detailing how the CIA has teams dedicated to hacking iPhones, iPads, iOS and Android devices. The creepiest is the team in charge of “Weeping Angel”, a program developed with British spy agency MI5, which can take control of your Samsung Smart TV, make it look like it’s switched off, then start recording your conversation. Cool.

7. Hillary Clinton told a luncheon she’d been taking a lot of “long walks in the woods” and soul-searching since losing the unloseable election. But she’s determined to get back and that “everywhere I look there are signs of hope”. Especially when she’s looking at headlines about how Trump’s VP “used personal email in office”:

8. Check your resumé. Are you “responsible for” lots of things? If so, your resumé is about as annoying as resumés get for Tina Nicolai. And Tina would know, because she’s read 40,000 resumés since launching Résumé Writers’ Ink in 2010. Here’s what she advises you should write instead.

9. Let’s not talk about the cricket and whether glancing at the dressing room is a bigger crime than that Bangalore deck. Let’s instead feel sorry for Andrew Bogut, who was traded in the off-season from the Warriors to the Mavericks to the Sixers before ending up with a shot at playing alongside LeBron James at the Cavs. He got 58 seconds:

That must the unluckiest tibia fracture of all-time.

10. In space news, Jeff Bezos is pushing further out into the galaxy and just revealed his SpaceX competitor. And Draco Malfoy’s dad was just named Star Trek’s next captain.

Have a great day.

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