10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Spooky. Picture: 21st Century Fox

Good morning.

1. It shouldn’t be surprising that when China tests its weapons, it tests them against what China might face from the US. In 2013, Beijing clearly tested its “carrier killer” ballistic missile on a model of a US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. But in a recent post, using Google Earth imagery, US Navy submarine warfare officer Thomas Shugart compared China’s missile testing grounds with US bases in the region, and found an eerie pattern.

2. The perks of being a former US president. You get invites to holiday at Richard Branson’s private estate in the British Virgin Islands. All you have to do is take some time out to beat Richard Branson in a kiteboarding challenge. We have the video.

3. And meeting a business titan has other perks. Just look at how this question Warren Buffett posed to Bill Gates in the early 1990s helped Gates build a $US837 billion company.

4. Markets are yo-yoing. The Dow raced to a record high before fading, treasuries reversed losses, and the ASX is set to drift, with Rio Tinto choosing not to release earnings until after the closing bell. SPI futures for March barely moved overnight. But Nikko AM says hang in there – it expects Australian share returns to finish the year 15% up. The Aussie dollar went ugh and iron ore suddenly spiked.

5. Ratings for the NRL season were down 9% this year. But who cares when you’re Fox and own the rights to the Super Bowl? CEO James Murdoch just announced the company pulled $US500 million in ad revenue during the game. That worked out to companies forking out $US166,667 per second for a spot.

6. $US500 million should cover hiring and insuirance costs associated with convincing Lady Gaga that she should jump into the stadium. Only she didn’t, quite. It was all a bit staged – here’s how they did it. And besides, we’d seen it all before on Fox. Yes, it’s another one of those times when The Simpsons predicted the future:

The team reminded everyone of that clip from 2012 on their Facebook page yesterday.

7. We all loved Melissa McCarthy’s impression of White House press secretary Sean Spicer because it was so good. But Politico claims sources reckons Trump was “rattled” by the spoof, mainly because it was done by a woman, and he “doesn’t like his people to look weak”. Spicer, meanwhile, is probably more upset he forgot to erase his WHOIS data after scrubbing SeanSpicer.com off the internet, because now his home address, phone number and email address are being shared across the webs.

8. Cop artists get a bad rap. You only ever hear about them when they’ve produced enough kindergarten art to fill an entire BuzzFeed list. But we got NYPD forensic artist Stephen Mancusi to draw staffer Maxwell Tani from a witness description and he did a very fair job:


Here’s how he did it.

9. How fast is a Tesla Model S? Faster than any other production car. In a recent test, a P100D operating in “Easter egg” ludicrous mode made the 0-60mph jump to warp speed in 2.275507139 seconds. That’s a new world record.

10. Somebody stop craft beer. There is now such a thing as “breakfast beer”. It’s made with coffee, maple syrup and… pork. Of course it’s American and of course, it’s very average. We know, because we tried it.

BONUS ITEM: If you really want to know how amazing this three-pointer from LeBron James is, watch it, check the shot clock and score, then watch it again:

Have a great day.

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