10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Merry Christmas. Picture: Qantas

Good morning.

1. Bitcoin threatened $US20,000 overnight on Coinbase’s exchange, which then melted down due to the high traffic. Much of that traffic could probably be attributed to the fact you could buy BTC on other exchanges for up to $US4000 less. Trading volumes reached $US28 billion over 24 hours – more than half the value of total securities traded in an average session on the NYSE. Bonkers. That volatility is exactly why one of the world’s biggest video game marketplaces, Steam, stopped accepting Bitcoin yesterday.

2. Same-sex marriage is finally, officially, legal in Australia. Parliament voted overhelmingly in favour of it yesterday, and if you want to know how historic that moment truly is, here’s Labor’s Linda Burney celebrating the moment with LNP’s Warren Entsch:

No, this is how you cross the floor. Photo: Michael Masters/Getty Images

And here’s why the moment meant so much to Burney in particular. And this is how Australia reacted, but most importantly, how Kylie Minogue reacted.

3. The Aussie is struggling. It’s down to a six-month low against the greenback after Wednesday’s GDP miss and news overnight the US government is likely to avoid a debt ceiling shutdown. Gold and iron ore also crashed. In data today, we’ll get more clarity on where Australia’s housing market is headed with October housing finance data due to drop at 11.30am AEDT. And it’s a big night in the US, with non-farm payroll, unemployment and average weekly earnings due.

4. North Korean media said war has now become inevitable, and the only question that remains is when. But if a nuke does turn towards the US, Boeing has a new missile which could knock it down before anyone gets hurt. Unfortunately, the Pentagon has been slow to pick up on its use because it reportedly “doesn’t like change”.

5. The US president doesn’t wear dentures. Trump struggled to finish his Jerusalem speech, leading some to suggest a 71-year-old man might not have all his own teeth:

So now we have to endure Trump’s press secretary denying it, and quite possibly, soon, some form of demonstration by the man himself. But at least we know his thinning hair isn’t due to veganism – Trump’s former aide says he even eats his double Filet-O-Fish and two Big Macs without the buns.

6. If you’re in seat 7A and over hear the flight attendant say they’re “thinking of doing seven days in America”, ask them for an upgrade. A former flight attendant yesterday told Kyle and Jackie O that’s how they secretly tell their other attendants you’re a bit of a hottie. Hit them up for one of these 10 most luxurious first-class cabins in 2017.

7. Yes, it’s List Season. So here are the 25 best albums of 2017, according to the critics. And here are the top 20 apps of the year, according to Apple. And here are the 3 best accessories with which to make your iPhone X “complete” after you’ve paid $1500+ for it.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer on the planet, after winning his fifth Ballon d’Or. He’s now tied for the honour with Lionel Messi, having trailed the Argentinian 4-1 in 2013.

9. It’s been 76 years since the US was last attacked on its own soil in a war. So long, it’s almost impossible to imagine for most people living in or visiting Hawaii these days. Here’s a great reminder courtesy of the US Navy:

U.S. Navy photo illustration by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Diana Quinlan

There are more extraordinary overlays here.

10. Your office Christmas party is close. Don’t even think about skipping it, don’t do business while you’re at it, don’t get too cosy with your fellow workmate and above all, don’t go to the third venue. Yes, these are your annual tips for surviving the Christmas work party. Have fun, try to keep your job.

BONUS ITEM: Wildfire Hero of the Day:

Have a great day.

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