10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. It’s a big day for North Korea. October 10 marks the anniversary of the founding of its Communist Worker’s Party, so Kim Jong Un might have some kind of surprise ready for his people. The US president also had a present ready – this tweet:

And while we’re on the topic of war, there’s another front the US will have to deal with soon, according to its secretary of the Air Force, Heather Wilson. She just spoke of her mission to “organise, train and equip air and space forces“.

2. The Third Front in Trump’s War is right in his ear, all the time. His ex-wife Ivana is making a lot of noise about how she’s the real First Lady, and it’s starting to annoy Melania Trump.

3. Markets. Here’s an interesting moment – as Bitcoin approaches a new record high, Goldman predicts a fall for gold is on the cards. US stocks are still near all-time highs as earnings season approaches, but the S&P500 just hit a mark which historically flashes an “overbought” sign. ASX futures traders expect the two-day rally to end today, and Aussie dollar traders are feeling a little uninspired. Iron ore logged its first back-to-back gain in a month.

4. The Nobel Prize winner in economics for 2017 is Richard Thaler. You might have seen him explaining “hot hand fallacy” with Selena Gomez in The Big Short:

He is, of course, much more than a cameo. Thaler is a behavioural economics guru who has spent his life trying to make economists realise that economic agents are human and therefore, not rational.

5. Vanuatu is a lovely place, full of the happiest people on Earth. If you want to live there forever, you can buy your citizenship for around $250,000. And now you can pay for it in Bitcoin – about 44BTC. Keep in mind you’ll get a second passport that gives you visa-free travel to 113 countries, and you’ll pay no capital gains or income taxes.

6. We learnt a few things about Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock after CNN obtained a 97-page court document from Paddock’s 2013 case against the Cosmopolitan hotel. He told a lawyer he was the “biggest video poker player in the world” who sometimes bet $US1 million a night. When the lawyer said $US1 million was a lot of money, Paddock replied: “No, it’s not.”

7. A former New York Times reporter claims Russell Crowe pressured her editor to kill a story about Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment. Weinstein, if you’re wondering, is the guy who bankrolled a lot of your favourite movies, starting with every Quentin Tarantino flick, and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D. But his name will now be wiped from any future production, and the company he founded with his brother Bob, The Weinstein Company. The stories are rolling in, including the time he allegedly masturbated in front of a TV reporter, and pushed the gravelly-voiced guy from The Birdcage against a wall. And Judi Dench confirmed she kind of got a tattoo of his name on her bum.

8. Also in extraordinary behaviour for 2017:

Yes, someone in Dove’s PR team couldn’t see a problem with that.

9. If you’ve had a dry eye, chances are you’ve used Restasis to soothe it a little. It made $US1.5 billion for Allergan last year, about 15% of its profits. And the patent for Restasis is owned by – wait for it – the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe in New York. Allergan gave it to them, plus about $US15 million a year in royalties, for the most cynical of reasons – because Native American tribes have sovereign immunity that protects patents.

10. LeBron James is human, believe it or not. Here he is acting like a normal human worth $300 million would when jumping into a car that drives itself:
When it airs before the NBA season opener on October 17, that will be the first advertisement to be shown to a general public audience for a fully driverless car.

BONUS ITEM: That full scene with Thaler, and Steve Carrell stealing the show as the most important guy in the room:

Have a great day.

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