10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Is this the end? Picture: Paramount

Good morning. Welcome to the iPhone 7 edition.

1. Here it is. For a so-called “boring” release, Apple once again owned every news website in the world for a couple of hours of exclusive free PR. Apple CEO Tim Cook arrived after a quick bout of “Carpool Karaoke” with Pharrell, so that was… interesting. The big issues with the iPhone 7 release were as follows:

  • The earbuds
  • The waterproofing
  • The headphone jack
  • iOS 10, and
  • Super Mario

So let’s get down to the skinny – here’s what you need to know today:

2. And there were issues with a couple of accessories. This is the dongle you’ll need if you want to connect your old headphones to the iPhone 7:

Picture: Getty Images

Apple didn’t say if the dongle will come included with the iPhone 7, and also didn’t announce the price, so expect the company to almost certainly sell this accessory separately. And people are already complaining about the new AirPod earbuds:

3. All up, the general feeling across all the releases – bar iOS 10 – is one of skepticism. That’s new for an iPhone launch. BI’s Matt Weinberger is so unimpressed he’s bravely penned this post about why the iPhone 7 reveal has him seriously considering leaving Apple for Android. But while we’re on that, here’s everything you’ll need to know to get your explosion hazard Note 7 replaced or refunded in Australia.

4. For a lot of people – arguably millions – the real news overnight was all about games. And it wasn’t just about Mario. Apple announced that it has integrated ‘Pokémon GO’ into its Watch. Niantic’s boss got on stage and said since its release, ‘Pokémon GO’ fans have walked 4.6 billion kilometres – just over the distance from the sun to Neptune. It took NASA probe Voyager 2 12 years to cover that distance. Meanwhile, Sony chose a strange timeslot to release a brutal version of the PlayStation 4. Look how much bigger it is:

The big sales point of the Pro console is being able to support 4K and HDR televisions. It also works with Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, which launches this October. But here’s one thing it still doesn’t do that Microsoft’s cheapest new Xbox can.

5. To markets and stocks in the US were quiet despite more warnings from the Fed that September could still see a rate hike. But the SPI 200 is down 18 points indicating the physical market could retest 5400 when it opens this morning after yesterday’s failure to break 5440. The Fed warnings and a nice US dollar trendline knocked the Aussie back from 77 cents. Iron ore slid to a six-week low.

6. Senator Sam Dastyari resigned from Labor’s front bench after getting an education company with close links to the ruling Chinese communist government to pay his travel expenses. So, gift-giving isn’t unusual when doing business in China, right? Hans Hendrischke should know. A a professor of Chinese business and management at the University of Sydney, Hans has been travelling to and from China for more than 40 years, and is used to carrying round gifts. He said sometimes it would be cash, most of the time it would be “endless amounts of tea”. But the one gift he has never heard of is reimbursement for expenses.

7. Snapchat could go public as early as this year. Meanwhile, Uber is bleeding – maybe to death.

8. Steven Spielberg is overrated, apparently. But not as good as Michael Bay? Yep, we’re in crazy territory now and that can only mean one thing – Shia LeBeouf. He sat down with Variety and was great, reeling off lines like Spielberg is “less a director than he is a f..king company”. LeBeouf made several films with Spielberg and recently watched all his own movies in reverse chronological order. He is a complicated human being.

9. But Dos Equis has found the next Most Interesting Man in the World. Meet Augustin Legrand, whose “only known enemy is the cubicle”.

10. The best moment so far in the life of 17-year-old Gian Mamuyac, a member of the Philippines under-18 national team, was not getting to play against Steph Curry in an exhibition game. It wasn’t being named camp MVP and winning a trip to Curry’s showcase camp back in the United States. The best moment so far in the life of 17-year-old Gian Mamuyac is scoring this pic for his Insty feed:

It happened in the final five seconds – here’s the video.

BONUS ITEM: Theory of the Day – Sandy was dead all the time. And maybe even Danny. DECEASED IS THE WORD.

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