10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Catherine Skinner wins Australia’s third gold. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. First, markets and at least one more rate hike in 2016 is all but a lay-down in the US after Friday’s massive beat in US non-farm payrolls – 255,000 against and expected 180,000. Wages growth also hit a post-recession high and the market responded by sending the S&P to an all-time high of 2182. Along with solid rises for the miners (iron ore also went nuts) on Friday night, it all bodes well for the physical market to beat the 31 points the September SPI futures contract is pointing towards today. The Aussie dollar is under pressure.

2. Datawise, it’s all a bit quiet while everyone watches the Olympics, so get in while they’re all distracted. In Australia, the big ones are the NAB Business survey tomorrow and the RBA governor’s speech on Wednesday. It’s considered his most important – the Anika Foundation speech, where he often sets out a big questions for the economy. Overseas, look out for a big end to the week in the US, with weekly jobless claims, retail sales, PPI and the UoM consumer sentiment survey. China trade is out today, followed by CPI/PPI tomorrow. German industrial production will also be of interest tonight and in UnZed, it looks like there might be a rate cut coming on Thursday. It’s all here and more in Greg McKenna’s diary.

3. So yeah, Olympics. And we’re winning the world after Vic trap shooter Catherine Skinner knocked over Kiwi Natalie Rooney this morning to take our first gold medal in the womens’ trap since Suzie Balogh in Athens. We’re still on top with three gold and two bronze after a day dominated by… horrific injuries. Check out this pic of Dutch cyclist Annemiek Van Vleuten hitting the wrong brake, while leading the women’s road race:

Fortunately, van Vleuten is reportedly “stable, breathing and able to communicate”. And if you’re wondering if you should look at footage of French gymnast Samir Ait Said breaking his leg, we recommend you don’t. You might say it’s a case of the less Said, the better.

4. Do you swear a lot? Have a messy desk? Do you stay up late? Congratulations: you might be of above average intelligence.

5. Here are more pics of athletes not hurting themselves. Even better, they’re of Australian athletes, and there are 31 of them. And this one of Australian swimming gold medalist Mack Horton, aged 11, meeting his hero. But if you’re already sick of Olympics, here are nine incredible pics taken by photojournalist Anna Filipova of her visit to a remote Arctic research town – after she passed her firearms safety course. Because polar bears.

6. Ever wondered how you keep your undercover identity as a drug dealer when Mr Big asks you to try the product? Mike Vigil survived for 20 years undercover for the DEA in Mexico and Colombia. Ask him.

7. Donald Trump ended the week by making yet another preposterous claim. Here’s why this one is also dangerous, according to someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

8. More Olympics. Except interesting, because these are the answers to 12 Olympics mysteries you’ve been dying to know. Like why beach volleyballers high-five so much, and what the hey is going on with passing $300 cash to the judges every time you lodge an appeal?

japan cash appealPicture: NBC

9. If you thought winning gold medals was hard, try marriage. It never used to be, though. That, according to bestselling author Ramit Sethi, is because of this modern trend to marry someone you’ve fallen deeply in love with. There’s more here, and it’s as fascinating as it is cold.

10. What is the greatest threat to the world right now? Think about it, then see if it matches what the rest of the country is thinking on this map pulled together by the Pew Research Center showing what the world is most worried about right now. There are some surprising results.

BONUS ITEM: USA goalie Hope Solo joked about Brazil being dangerous due to Zika. So now here’s her entire Olympics every time she kicks out:

Have a great day.

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