10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

‘They were only little drugs, Your Honour.’ Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. Iron ore is the world’s most volatile commodity. Any day it could explode, crumble or catch on fire. You’d be mad to go near it. But there’s only been one day where it ever posted a 18.6% rise – today. Here’s the chart, which – warning – can literally pop your eyes:

2. So yeah, expect a grand day ahead where lots of money will be made. SPI 200 futures were up 33 points, 0.6%, and BHP and Rio had another good night in London after a spectacular day yesterday for local miners. The ASX is just 31 points off breaking a one-year downtrend and the Aussie dollar is heading for 75 cents.

3. Which in turn is one of four reasons why HSBC thinks the RBA is warming up for a rate cut.

4. The best sports photo of the year:

That’s Pittsburgh Tribute-Review photographer Christopher Horner showing a) why sometimes it pays to turn up to otherwise forgettable spring training games and b) why it pays to be not too distracted by your mobile. Here’s the next frame showing the kid surviving intact.

5. Maria Sharapova was on drugs at the Australian Open. Everyone thought the announcement would be about her retirement, but the five-time grand slam title winner said she was unaware a medication she had been taking for 10 years had just been added to the banned substance list.

6. The human race will watch nervously as Google’s AI program AlphaGo takes on the world Go champion in five matches this week. The first match will start at 11am AEDT tomorrow, and here’s how you can tune in and watch the beginning of the end of life as we know it, live.

7. How do you know you might want to think about changing your health insurer? When they’re struggling to “define whether the heart attack was serious”. That’s one of the allegations the Commonwealth Bank’s arm CommInsure is facing, along with calls for a royal commission into their tactics. This might make you feel a little ill.

8. Electric cars. Most importantly, they’re fast – 300.6km/h fast, if we’re talking about this modified electric Chevy Corvette. But Nissan can also can see a day when the electric car charges back – as in, powers your home and office:

The company just released a video outlining its vision of the potential for wireless charging and self-driving technology. And while it all seems a little unlikely, the bits of technology it needs are already in place.

9. PC owners who ever wanted to watch a Mac get infected, grab your cheeseballs now. The first ransomware to ever make its way onto Macs came bundled with an update to Transmission, a well-known program for pirating stuff downloading torrents. The malware’s operators are asking for $US400 to remove it. Here’s what it looks like.

10. “The gender pay gap is garbage” sounds like a headline you should probably hold off on until after International Women’s Day. But it’s actually the opposite. At least it is in the UK, where it’s 9.4% and getting smaller every year. Happy International Women’s Day, everyone, keep fighting the good fight.

BONUS ITEM: The best sports video of the year:

Have a great day.

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