10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Who will win? Photo: Dollfun / Liveleak


1. At 4pm AEDT, Americans start posting their votes. You can’t say it hasn’t been boring, and while Hillary Clinton holds a two-point average lead in the polls, polls in these exciting times just aren’t what they used to be. Follow the money instead – this from Sportsbet:

That’s actually a very decent price for Trump, but if you’re plumping for the Don, take the juicy popular vote winner odds. That’s the one Al Gore won in 2000 before Electoral College decided to give the presidency to George W Bush anyway. Which means you could win money on Trump and Clinton becomes president!

Markets are pricing in a Clinton win. Stocks in the US rallied around 2% overnight and the Mexican peso roared 2% higher against the US dollar and 3.5% against the yen. But ASX futures traders are still not convinced. After a 70-point gain yesterday, December futures lifted just 8 points this morning.

Obviously, we’ll be all over the election from this afternoon, thanks to our US team. But in the final few hours, here’s what’s making news:

And just for fun, here’s a look back to December last year, when Trump invited our editor-in-chief Henry Blodget and political reporter Brett Logiurato in his midtown Manhattan office in Trump Tower. Trump had just wrapped a Republican debate and in this lengthy interview, laid out his credentials to be the nominee. You’ll quickly spot some themes which have since become familiar, such as:

  • How he knows more about the TPP than anyone
  • “Karl Rove is a moron”
  • “In every online poll I won the debate”

Enjoy. You’ve got one more sleep.

2. A week ago today, you might have seen this thing swimming in an icy Alaskan river:

If you’d seen it in 10 Things, you might have read that The Bureau of Land Management didn’t know what it was, but we said:

They really should haul that big bit of rope stuck on a rock out before someone gets hurt

Yes, this is us bragging. Here’s the confirmation.

3. Jamaican and Moroccan fisherman have something in common. They both believe smoking dope makes you see better at night. There’s not a ton of data to prove it, but a group of researchers recently tried to fix that by getting tadpoles wasted. And here’s what they found.

4. Talking about money in a job interview is awful. You should absolutely feel like aiming high, but it’s just not in most peoples’ natures to ask for more. Follow these 13 tips and you won’t have to – it should come naturally to both you and your potential employer.

5. And once you’ve got it, here’s how to make sure you get to keep some of it before you blow it all on raising a clutch of ungrateful, needy kids. Oh, and while we’re killing the buzz, here’s the case against completely merging finances with your spouse.

6. The top two spots in our recent inaugural list of Australia’s top 100 tech talents was easy. Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes last year smashed through whatever the international equivalent of an Aussie glass ceiling might be, with an IPO valuing their company Atlassian at $US4.4 billion. (It’s now worth more than $US6 billion). Now, the big interview. The pair took some time to talk to us recently on how they work together, who their business heroes are, and the future of teamwork in a globalised world.

7. Animals behaving badly. In Australia, a man filmed two of the world’s most lethal spiders having a go at each other. In Mexico, this snake thought it was in some kind of Hollywood film:

8. The US Special Forces community has had an ever tougher week than usual. It’s coping with the deaths of six elite Green Berets in three separate incidents in just a 72-hour span.

9. Pokémon Go got a badly needed update which still managed to make players furious. Developer Niantic took away the ability to spin Pokéstops while you’re in a car or on a train. Haha – you have to walk. But importantly, they stuck to what they’re good at – releasing pocket monsters into our streets and parks. There’s 100 more to catch, and we’ve got the details on all of them, here.

10. Remember that time the government built a new ship but then realised it couldn’t afford to fire its guns? No? The US does. It’s just announced it won’t even buy the 155mm rounds for its most advanced warship, the USS Zumwalt. It hoped to build 32 of the ships, but only managed three, so stocking each ship with a full complement of the big bullets costs $US2 billion.

BONUS ITEM: Monkey chooses Trump:

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Have a great day.

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