10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Your startup failed. Picture: Constantin Film

1. Oil! It’s at a six-year low after OPEC decided to keep trying to crushing the US shale market. And iron ore! It’s at a six-year low as the big producers keep making more than anyone cares to use. Finally, it’s catching up with the Aussie dollar, which dropped 1% in the past 24 hours, and US markets which took a similar hit. So the Dec SPI 200 contract is down 17 points and the ASX is facing another lacklustre day.

2. Innovation was all the rage yesterday, after Malcolm Turnbull released his government’s Innovation Statement chock-full of $1.1 billion worth of policies. “So f…ked”, was how The Start Society founder Pete Cooper described it. Here’s what it missed, according to this bunch of entrepreneurs. But the scientists seem happy enough, maybe because no one these days ever remembers they do innovation too. And perhaps startups really need to stop whingeing and realise if they could just focusing on changing the world, instead of just their world, others might be more willing to pitch in.

3. Here’s 25 hot startups in the US that just got on with it. Even better, they were led by hot CEOs. (That’s “hot” as in “buzzy”.)

4. Twitter. What an amazing tool it is, a digital social conscience for this modern age. Now 2015’s nearly done, there’s clearly 10 tweets which stood out from all the billions as the most popular. Leonard Nimoy’s final message. Obama on gay marriage. And five tweets from One Direction members. In March, when news broke that Zayn Malik would be leaving the band. Harry Styles tweeted this message to fans:

And it was the most important tweet on Twitter for the year, proving the microblog is, without a doubt, a genuine force for… something.

5. Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether your boss is a demanding leader, or just a bit of an arsehat. Andrew Faas, a former senior exec with Canada’s two largest retailers, thought bullying was so sneakily prevalent, he wrote a book about how to recognise it. And he knows he’s onto something because he’s copping flak from bosses who reckon he’s spoiling their ability to “do their job properly”. Here’s his eight subtle signs you might be working for a bully.

6. While we’re on terrible bosses, how about Hitler? He gave so many speeches – more than 5000 – in that powerful, persuasive rant that barely anyone knew how he actually asked for a cup of tea. But in 1942, a Finnish sound engineer secretly recorded a conversation between Finland’s defence leader Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim and Hitler and it remains the only known example of the Fuhrer having a bit of a chat. And here it is:

7. Penis transplants are coming. It almost incredible that in an age where we can give someone an entirely new face, we would find it so difficult to swap such a simple organ as a penis. It’s only been done twice, and of those, only one was successful. Now, 60 patients have been approved by the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, US, and for an excellent reason – soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

8. “Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian” actually loves a big bucket of greasy fried farm chicken. Or at least, Xavier Rudd doesn’t hate it so much that he won’t do anything about KFC using his single “Let Me Be” for its latest ad:

Rudd’s fans have been bombing his Facebook page for a week demanding answers and in return, he’s offered silence. And, possibly, deleted a few.

9. Tech stuff. Here are 11 ways to make your iPhone run faster. Microsoft’s 16 big predictions for 2016. And 10 gifts for the tech nerd in your life, which aren’t the island singer Tyrese Gibson just admitted he’d bought for his eight-year-old daughter.

10. Have you listened to Adele’s “Hello” so much you forgot all the other songs in 2015? Spotify is there for you, with a new tool pulls together for the year:

  • Your first played song
  • Your top songs, artists and genres
  • Your top artists by season
  • Total minutes of music listened to
  • Total number of songs and artists played

Easy, free playlist.

Have a great day.

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