10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

On like Donkey Kong. Picture: Rumblr

Good morning.

1. The IPO that stops a nation. Atlassian has finally filed its S-1 document with the Securities Exchange Commission to go public on the American markets. The Aussie enterprise collaboration software vendor behind popular tools like JIRA and HipChat is valued at $US3.3 billion, has been profitable for the last 10 years, and boasts revenue growth of 48.5% year-on-year in fiscal 2015 to $US319.5 million. Not bad for mid-thirties co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar, who each own 37.7% of the company.

Here’s a few more links:

And here’s a grab from their filing document about their company values which says a lot of good things about Farquhar and Cannon-Brookes:

2. Stock markets in the US and Europe fell heavily as traders reappraised the impact of possible tightening by the US Fed on stocks, especially in the wake of weak Chinese trade data. So the ASX broke down through important support at 5,150 yesterday with a 1.83% fall and the market looks set for another down day. On the ASX futures market, the SPI200 December contract is down another 58 points, 1.1%, to 5,059 and the technicians are starting to talk about “August lows”.

3. Data is crucial. (Well, even more crucial.) We get the latest update of the the ANZ’s weekly consumer confidence data, the pulse on Australian business in the NAB’s monthly business survey for October, and Australian home loan data. Then – China. Here comes the all-important CPI and PPI data for October at 12.30pm AEDT.

4. Get ready to rumble. Right about now, Rumblr will go live. If it works the way it says on the box, 2000 wannabe Tyler Durdens will start swiping right to fight each other in car parks, playing fields, basements and schoolyards across the globe:

Like everyone else who can’t resist watching a couple of knucklehead bogans hurt each other, we’ll be watching too. Mainly to see if it isn’t just a big hoax or publicity promo.

5. What’s the one thing you should teach your kids about money? If you answered with a shrug because you still have no idea about money yourself, try taking Tony Robbins’s advice. It’s right here.

6. Aussies everywhere on the net. A couple of days ago, NSW snapper Thomas Stewart of Thomas Stewart Photography had a little rant on Facebook about why smartphones should be banned from weddings. Here’s why (and it’s a great point):

The internet thinks it gets it – it’s climbed to nearly 100,000 Likes – but hands up who’ll still whip out their phone this wedding season and convince themselves “it’s not about me”.

7. While we’re on Facebook, try posting something about “Tsu.co”. You’ll see this:

And here’s why. (Hint: It has something to do with Tsu being a rival social media network.)

8. Aussies everywhere #2. Former Instagram teen model Essena O’Neill went viral last week after calling social media “fake” and saying it made her “miserable.” Now, on her new site “Let’s Be Game Changers” and her new preferred platform, Vimeo, O’Neill has posted a breakdown of one of her most famous images, using it to show all her fake friends how fake social media is.

9. Well, this is just stupid:

It’s the latest stupid video of someone doing something stupid with Tesla’s autopilot feature. Try 85km/h down a highway while the driver is sitting in the back seat. Elon Musk apparently is regretting trusting humans, and says Tesla is about to put the brakes on the feature because of this type of thing.

10. Apple’s giant iPad Pro will go on sale tomorrow and Aussies will be among the world’s first to get their arms awkwardly around the massive fondle slab. But you certainly get more for your size – try four speakers, and a 12.9-inch Retina display powered by Apple’s A9X chip, which is roughly twice as fast as last year’s iPad Air 2. Apples claims it’s faster than 80% of PCs shipped in the last year. Plus a pencil and a keyboard. There’s more details here.

BONUS ITEM: Just an Aussie inventor casually jetpacking around the Statue of Liberty:

Have a great day.

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