10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

A group of women enjoy glasses of wine.

Good morning and Happy International Women’s Day!

1. Chinese tech giant Huawei announced that it has filed a lawsuit against the US government. It comes after law was passed in the US that bans government agencies from buying or using Huawei equipment.

2. Facebook has moved into a new skyscraper office in Sydney. Business Insider Australia was given a rare tour.

3. Venezuela’s debt now stands at $US156 billion, according to a new report. Debt in the collapsing country has more than doubled over the past decade.

4. Malaysia’s tourism minister claimed there are no gay people in Malaysia. The country has a population of 32 million and an active LGBT community. The country outlaws gay sex and punishment can range from caning to 20 years in jail.

5. Iron ore prices rose across the board on Thursday as Chinese steel prices increased. But the rise could be short-lived. HSBC said the strength in iron ore prices is “unsustainable” and is expected to “correct materially”.

Getty ImagesElon Musk.

6. Tesla is sending hourly employees home early and asking them to take time off as the company cuts costs. That’s according to a CNBC report, which states that Tesla headcount has dropped by another 8% since it announced it would close most of its stores.

7. Tim Cook has changed his name to Tim Apple on Twitter. The hilarious move comes after President Donald called him Tim Apple in a meeting. Make your morning complete by watching the clip below.

8. Radio stations worldwide have banned Michael Jackson’s tracks from being played following the release of the four-hour HBO documentary, “Leaving Neverland.” The documentary contains disturbing allegations of child sexual abuse.

9. Bali had its annual “day of silence.” It switched off the internet, shut its airport, and outlawed TV broadcasts.

10. You can now play PlayStation 4 games on your iPhone. It’s achieved using a function called “Remote Play.”

BONUS: Watch Trump call Apple CEO Tim Apple.

Have a great Friday.

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