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Silver Screen Collection/Getty ImagesBurt Reynolds played an anonymous op-ed writer from the White House in the 1972 thriller Deliverance.

Good Morning! Let’s Friday

1. Revenge is a dish best served on the phone. As the hunt for the source of the anonymous NY Times op-ed from the anti-Trump “resistance” movement in White House continues – everyone there denies involvement – and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted the newspaper’s phone number urging people call and to ask “who this gutless loser is”, spare a thought for reporter Edmund Lee, who’s getting plenty of them because the newspaper’s automated switchboard gets the word “op-ed” confused with “Ed.”

Meanwhile, here are all the revelations so far from Bob Woodward’s explosive book on Trump.

2. Lingering trade fears weighed on US stocks overnight, as markets brace for the Trump administration to enact tariffs on another $US200 billion worth of Chinese goods. That could make for a wild session ahead for the Aussie dollar, while ASX futures are pointing to a third straight day of falls for local stocks. Bitcoin held steady after yesterday’s heavy losses and commodity prices also held their ground, while iron ore posted its largest gain in a month. Sam Jacobs has all the watercooler moments for traders here.

3. It’s so hard to get decent help nowadays. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, under pressure over approving visas for au pairs, is now in a bitter battle with his former Border Force commissioner, Roman Quaedvlieg, who yesterday claimed the minister’s chief of staff had contacted him in 2015 over one of them. The Minister denies it, adding that he asked the new commissioner “to offer Mr Quaedvlieg any support to address his personal or mental health issues.” In response, the former Border Force boss said “I completely reject his assertion that I have fabricated evidence. I stand very firmly by the description of the events.”

4. While two of the big four banks put up mortgage interest rates yesterday, UBS has once again been looking at mortgage applications and concluded that a large share are still being approved based on false information. While the level of so-called “liar loans” has fallen noticeably since the banking royal commission started, UBS sees a perfect storm of tighter standards contributing to further falls in home prices, raising the risk of a “credit crunch”.

5. There’s no point in lying on the your mortgage applicationto buy the Lady Mary Fairfax’s house. Her 1.12 hectare Point Piper estate, Fairwater, held by the Fairfax family since 1901, is being sold by Christie’s International, and could be the country’s first $100 million property. Lady Mary died last year aged 95, and the 1881 mansion is regarded one of the nation’s finest historic residences, as well as being the largest private holding on Sydney Harbour. You’d also score Atlassian’s Scott Farquhar as your next door neighbour. Last year he paid $71 million for the smaller adjacent sister property, Elaine.

6. A mathematician has found a way around needing to borrow. Romanian-Australian economist Stefan Mandel developed a formula that’s allowed him to win the lottery 14 times – twice in his birthplace, then a dozen times in Australia. It’s a six-step process designed to hack the system. Not bad when he was once on a monthly salary of just $US88. He’s now retired on a remote, tropical island.

7. How cool was Burt Reynolds? Cool enough to turn down the parts of James Bond and Hans Solo. The legendary actor died, aged 82, overnight, and was still shooting films. Two years ago he spoke to Business Insider about doing his own stunts, recounting this “dumb macho” things he used to do.

“I went over the falls in ‘Deliverance’ and I hit a rock and cracked my tailbone,” Reynolds said. “I tell everyone I was a 31-year-old guy in great shape before I went over the falls. And once I got in they couldn’t find me. I remembered one of the stunt guys said to me before the stunt, ‘If you get caught in the hydrofoil and you can’t get out, go to the bottom and it will shoot you right out,’ but he didn’t tell me it was like being shot out of a torpedo. I came out of the river about a mile away it seemed like, and I came out with no clothes. I had no shoes, socks – the falls tore them off. It was a pretty hairy stunt.”

The full story is here. RIP Bandit.

8. That’s not a boat, THIS is a boat.

Courtesy of AIDA Cruises

If you think Ovation of the Seas, the cruise ship visiting Australian ports every summer is big, wait until you see the new Carnival Corp. cruiseliner, the AIDAnova. It’s the fifth-biggest ship in the world, capable of accomodating 6,600 passengers and 1,500 crew, is 330-metres long (1,080 feet), weighs 184,000 tons and runs on LNG. There’s a live TV studio, two private “islands,” and 40 bars and restaurants. Take a closer look here.

9. Minor premiers Richmond demolished Hawthorn 13.17 (95) to 9.10 (64) in front of 91,446 at the MCG last night, leaving the 2017 premiers one game away from back-to-back grand finals. The Hawks now face the winner of tonight’s Melbourne versus Geelong elimination final.

Here’s how Dustin Martin celebrated his 200th game.

10. The last time seeing an NRL player nude cost more than $300,000, it was Andrew Ettinghausen’s 1993 defamation payout. Canterbury’s Mad Monday clusterf celebrations have cost the Bulldogs and players a total of $320,000 in fines – the club copped a $250,000 hit – from the NRL. The Daily Telegraph had photos of the players nude and vomiting at the Harbour View Hotel in Sydney’s The Rocks. The cops were unimpressed too. Adam Elliott and Asipeli Fine have been charged with wilful and obscene exposure, and will appear in court on October 24, Zac Woolford copped an offensive conduct infringement notice and the 63-year-old hotel operator scored five penalty notices; two for licensee permit indecent behaviour and three for intoxication on licensed premises.

Still, it was a good dress rehearsal for the traditional pre-season launch drunken ramp incident.

Meanwhile, among those with clothes on, the Melbourne Storm face the Souths Rabbitohs in a qualifying final tonight, the Penrith Panthers take on the NZ Warriors at Homebush on Saturday in an elimination game, while the Roosters face the ScoMo Sharkies at Allianz in the other qualifier and on Sunday, the Brisbane Broncos have the home game advantage against the Dragons in the other elimination match.

BONUS ITEM: The hunt continues…

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