10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

‘Star-mAAAAn!’ Picture: SpaceX

Good morning.

1. Humanity began its journey to colonise Mars with possibly the most emotional moment in space history when a bit of Bowie kicked in, to shots of a crash test dummy in a SpaceX suit driving a 2008 Tesla Roadster 140km above the Earth:

10 minutes later, the rockets that launched it came back to Earth:

And Falcon Heavy made it into space without exploding. If all goes to Elon Musk’s master plan, it will make it to Mars in about six months and begin a loop between the Red Planet and Earth which will one day make it easier and cheaper for us to send all the things we need to live there. The real test, however, will come in about five hours when Starman gets irradiated by the Van Allen Belt.

2. The US President has tried all year to tie the US stock market’s success to his leadership, and failed to get the media to care. But in the past 12 hours, the media was falling over itself to tie Trump to the stock market fall, and Trump went silent. But now US stocks are roaring back, and let’s just stop playing this stupid game altogether. Instead, here’s the roundup of the biggest 24 hours in global markets for some time:

3. Also storming back today is bitcoin. It’s piling back on after falling below $US6000 overnight and is now threatening $US8000. Also back is… pretty much everything else. That’s because lately, all the major cryptos seem to be tied together, and Goldman Sachs says that’s a big problem.

4. Apparently, bitcoin believers are really, really funny because they don’t realise their worth is tied to nothing and they can’t spend it anyway. Eddy Zillan didn’t get the memo:

Eddy ZillanEddy Zillan

He’s 18 now, and has been trading crypto for three years, burger-flippers.

5. Meanwhile, a woman in New Hampshire won $US560 million in Powerball a month ago, but is yet to claim it. She refuses to without being guaranteed her anonymity, and will risk losing it all to go to court over it. Buy a balaclava.

6. Travis Kalanick is back. The former Uber CEO just walked into the courtroom to unleash on Google and make his first public statements since his firing. Also in troubled startup news, Snap’s stock is soaring after an unexpected earnings beat.

7. Space history is being made today, but it’s also stored in giant hangars 180km off the road in the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. That’s where photographer David de Rueda snuck in to take eerie photos of the Russian space shuttle – Buran – which has sat idle and disintegrating for 30 years.

There are more pics where that came from, but for a proper chuckle, you can’t beat these 10 worst British military aircraft of all time.

8. Planning your winter getaway to somewhere warmer? Spoil yourself by staying in one of the 25 best luxury hotels in the world. You don’t even have to search for them, because they’re all right here in U.S. News & World Report’s 2018 rankings of the best luxury hotels in the world.

9. In the future, we’ll all be eating crayfish. All because 25 years ago, a genetic mutation created the marbled crayfish, which quickly became popular for home aquarium enthusiasts in Europe because it was large and laid hundreds of eggs. But they were banned soon after from being distributed or released in the wild because it turns out that mutation allows the crayfish to clone itself. But no one cared, and now its world domination has begun.

10. Like “Star Wars”? Into “Game of Thrones”? Then you’re in for a treat – Disney has hired GoT showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to write and produce a new series of “Star Wars” movies. And a redditor found what might be the new park to feature in the next series of “Westworld”.

BONUS ITEM: Part fascinating, part funny, all sumo:

Have a great day.

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