10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Air France Princess Juliana AirportFlickr, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 LicenseAirFrance A340 approaching Princess Juliana Airport by Takashi Ota.

Good morning.

1. One reason nuclear tests are done underground is to contain fallout, so when North Korea detonated a bomb 10 times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima, it did so deep under Punggye-ri mountain in North Korea. But satellite imagery has revealed a problem:

“We call it ‘taking the roof off’,” one geologist told the South China Morning Post. “If the mountain collapses and the hole is exposed, it will let out many bad things.”

There are more before-and-after images here.

2. Trump and Turnbull had another phone chat, this time about North Korea, but the Australian PM couldn’t go into “a lot” other than it was a “very warm discussion, very constructive”. Then Trump did something unusual – he sided with the Democrats on a crucial decision. But Trump’s lawyer did something you should never do – he fed trolls, in an email exchange with a guy who runs a ramen restaurant.

3. Trump’s alliance with the Democrats was all about putting off raising the debt ceiling until December, and US stocks liked it, climbing higher almost immediately. The Bank of Canada used strong economic data to push through another rate rise, which sent the loonie soaring against the greenback. The Aussie went with it, and Bitcoin Cash surged by 15%. ASX200 SPI futures are up ahead of another big day of data releases, including retail trade here in Oz.

4. Hurricane Irma has smashed through the Caribbean:

Pics and video of the devastation are starting to come through, including images of what’s happened at the airport in those internet photos where the planes nearly hit people lying on the beach. Richard Branson retreated to his wine cellar on Necker Island after a pyjama party with staff playing Perudo. And in Florida, one county sheriff smelt an opportunity:

5. Next week, NASA will destroy a $US3.26 billion spacecraft by flying it into Saturn. Here’s a breakdown of what will happen as the final day approaches, along with an excellent reason why it’s not being crashed on one of Saturn’s moons instead.

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6. Smartphones – “screens” – are your kid’s new best friend. And like every other parent in the world, you can’t bring yourself to make your kid and their smartphone split up because your little darling will hate you, which is the worst. But you need to step in, because mobile phone use makes teens unhappy, lonely and possibly suicidal, so here’s a top psychologist on how you can manage the break-up effectively.

7. Someone finally found a decent use for the Internet of Things:

Thanks, Panasonic. Here’s more footage of the fridge that brings snacks and drinks to your comfy couch when you call.

8. In a not-so-cool use for technology, Google has upgraded its cameras for its Street View service for the first time in eight years. That means images so sharp you can see opening hours on a shop door sign. Google says it’s because “people are coming to us every day with harder and deeper questions” about things they see on Street View. They may be. But who gave Google the right to be providing the answers about your property, your car and your income?

9. Microsoft is planning to announce at least one new Surface device at its annual “Future Decoded” event in London at the end of October. It could the mythical “black Book”, but it almost certainly won’t be the close-to-extinction “Surface Phone”. Meanwhile, Apple is rumoured to be mulling up spending billions in the most sensible way imaginable – by buying all the Bond movies.

10. Here’s a great tip for making the right impression in job interviews – be polite. Former Apple recruiter Rachel Bitte says one candidate stood out for her because on her second interview in a restaurant, she treated the wait staff awfully. And here’s one other “kiss of death” she recommends you don’t do – ever.

BONUS ITEM: The BBC found the Worst First Tinder Date:

Picture: BBC

Have a great day.

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