10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

No, go on. Take it easy.

Hello Monday.

1. Markets lit up Friday night after US employment figures beat expectations, with 209,000 jobs added against 178,000 forecast. Even wage growth was above expectations. So the Dow is now cruising above the 22,000 range and the US dollar has rejoined the party for a while. That put a small hit on the Aussie dollar, but ASX futures traders are comfortable bidding the local index up ahead of this morning’s open.

2. Australia continues to faff around on marriage equality today, with the Liberals heading in for a crunch meeting where ministers are expected to press on with postal vote plans. Marriage equality advocates say this would be open to a High Court challenge.

3. Data this week looks a bit skinny on the local front, with job ads and NAB’s business survey out Tuesday, and housing finance and consumer confidence Wednesday. Internationally, New Zealand gets front running with 2-year inflation expectations Wednesday and the RBNZ’s official cash rate announcement Thursday. Sam Jacobs has it all in his diary, here.

4. Let us help you decide how to spend that $500,000 on a new car. You could plump for the new McLaren 720S if you believe it truly has a soul to match a Ferrari:

Read this review, if only because poor Benjamin Zhang had to travel all the way to Rome to get a spin in it. Or you could save $200,000 and opt for Aston Martin’s DB11. Nice bum:

But seriously, that interior looks like someone opened up a nappy.

5. In Silicon Valley, there’s a secret club everyone knows about known as “rest and vest”. It’s members are called “coasters” and a lot of them are engineers in their mid-30s, pulling seven figures. And they pretty much turn up for work and do nothing. Bizarrely, there are even good reasons why Facebook, Google and co keep these slackers on their books, sometimes for years. Unless, of course, this recently circulated “anti-diversity” manifesto written by a senior engineer upsets them so much that even not doing any work at Google is still too much to bear.

6. Meanwhile at Amazon, some workers are crying at their desk after being pushed to breaking point. It’s relentlessly crushing its competition, big and small. It cops criticism for supporting Trump policies and undermining the presidency. Basically, it’s now so successful, it’s becoming the new poster boy for everything wrong with big business. And here’s why the CV of the new head of Amazon Australia should worry supermarkets.

7. Sydney has a capsule hotel. For $60 a night, you can get a pod from a spaceship in the future to sleep in, which fits your bed and a bit of hanging space. Sarah Kimmorley spent a night in one of the 70 “rooms” located in the renovated Century Bar on George Street. Here’s what she thought about it all.

8. The World Building of the Year shortlist has been named. The winner will be announced in November, but until then, here’s the best of the world’s most beautiful new homes in 2017 – including the Living Screen House in Sydney with a pool running through its centre:

Architects: CplusC Architectural Workshop

9. Also in housing, South Korea’s government isn’t afraid to hose down its rampant housing market. New macro-prudential measures to control its housing market include hitting investors who own two houses with an extra 10% in capital gains tax upon the sale of a property. Three-house owners can expect an extra 20% tax.

10. Snapchat or Instagram? As Snap prepares to release its second earnings report later this week, we took a definitive look at whether Facebook’s clone matches up to the original disappearing photo app and found that yes, it does. And it’s better. Sorry, Snap investors.

BONUS ITEM: NASA may have found its planetary protection officer. Jack, 9, has seen “almost all the space and alien movies” he’s allowed to see and is great at video games:

Child letter nasa planetary protection officer earth defence job responseNASAA nine-year-old’s letter to NASA asking to apply to be a planetary protection officer.

Here’s NASA’s reply.

Have a great day.

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