10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Statler, meet Waldorf. Picture: GatesNotes

Good morning.

1. Two Australians have now been confirmed among the seven people who were killed in last weekend’s terror attacks in London. Kirsty Boden, a 28-year-old nurse from South Australia, was killed after running to help people who had been injured by the attackers. Another victim was this morning identified only as Australian. No name has been released yet.

2. To markets, and in the US, the yield on treasuries is down almost 9 basis points since the start of June to 2.15%. It’s been nice knowing you, reflation trade. Gold and the yen are both heading upwards, and Aussie stocks are following the US market down, with the ASX200 yesterday falling through the latest technical support level at 5,680. Later this morning, we’ll get the latest report card on the health of the Australian economy with the release of Q1 GDP. Here’s your 10-second guide.

3. It’s all but inevitable that North Korea will soon have an ICBM that can reach and flatten the US capital. That, according to a senior US Defence Department official, “is a bad thing and we don’t want it”. But the US could survive it, he said. The bigger problem would be the WWIII it would be likely to start.

4. Apple just caught up to Android in a big way. iOS 11 will finally allow users to customise which features they want to add to Control Center. And while the Macbook Air got a surprise refresh this week, here’s why you shouldn’t buy one.

5. Andrew Bolt kicked a guy in the cajones. At least, he’s assuming it’s a guy. Two people in masks attacked Bolt at a book launch in Melbourne yesterday, trying to spray him with glitter and glue, while another person filmed it. But the best footage came from the CCTV, which caught Bolt knocking the bejesus back out of them:

“I don’t do running and hiding,” he said on his Sky News program The Bolt Report.

6. There are few things more demoralising than having to put real work aside and troop into a meeting room for two hours of meandering chatter. It doesn’t have to be that way – we trawled around for the latest advice on how to make meetings worthwhile, and came up with these nine excellent tips. And above all, never forget the “two-pizza” rule from Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

7. Tesla stock price just broke $US354, set an all-time record for the company and prompted Elon Musk to make a joke:

But if you want to know what kind of impact Musk is having on the car industry right now, here’s a great excerpt from Matthew Debord’s book about the launch of the Model 3. He was there.

8. Oh noes:

Oh wait, it was New Zealand. All’s well. It’s trying to get another crack at the America’s Cup and atone for the worst meltdown in the history of all sport. Meanwhile, the Kiwi cricket team got spanked by England in the ICC Chamnpions Trophy, making for a good night in sport all round.

9. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are starting to get adorable. They’ve been friends for 25 years, but at the most recent Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, they visited one of Buffett’s department stores and found a common love for trying out furniture.

10. It turns out that the $US110 billion Saudi Arabia arms deal that the Trump administration announced in May is actually “fake news”. If you believe the Brookings Institute spin on it, which claims it’s all intent, no worth and most of the “deals” were signed in the Obama years anyway. Meanwhile, Trump is getting angry about the meeja trying to take his Twitter off him:

BONUS ITEM: Jerry Seinfeld really is a non-hugger – even for Kesha:

Have a great day.

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