10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

‘What’s that saying you have about treasures at home?’ Picture: Getty Images

Good morning. The weekend comes, our cycle hums.

1. So far this year, Donald Trump has lost his national security adviser over ties to Russia, had his Health Care Act pulled, failed to get travel bans through the courts, and now faces infighting between factions led by his son-in-law and chief strategist. Or, as Trump calls it, “one of the most successful 13 weeks in the history of the presidency”. (We think he meant 11 weeks.) And here’s what six million people just voted as Trump’s greatest ever tweet:

2. Markets and traders have some waiting to do. First, to get any hints of trade outcomes from US President Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jingping. And then a bit longer for tonight’s non-farm payrolls. Blackrock CEO Larry Fink won’t be among those waiting – he already thinks the US stock market is now overvalued and the US may be the slowest economy in the G7. The ASX should make a healthy start, with June Futures up 16 points, but the Australian dollar is directionless and Chinese iron ore futures tumbled.

3. The Thacker family of 1112 Stanley Road are the last to leave. They’ve watched all their neighbours sell up to Augusta National Golf Course and now, for four days a year, they’re surrounded by a giant parking lot. Their house is valued at $US355,000, but here’s why they keep turning down million-dollar offers.

4. Yes, the Masters is under way. Highlights so far include Dustin Johnson not turning up because he fell down some stairs, Jordan Speith making a quadruple bogey, and this bee which refused to get off Hideto Tanihara’s ball:


Who said golf was boring?

5. Goldman Sachs wants to become the Google of Wall Street. CEO Lloyd Blankfein even got Alphabet chair Eric Schmidt over to show everyone what that actually means, and made everyone wear hoodies for a photo.

6. Project Scorpio is alive. Microsoft gave out some details of its Xbox One update, which has been powered up to run 4K ultra-HD graphics at 60 frames per second. It’s about six times as powerful as the original Xbox One. Here’s all you need to know about it, and here’s why you should just buy an Xbox One now instead.

7. Trump is currently hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Also hovering is his defence secretary Jim Mattis, according to news reports that claim officials are developing a plan for a potential military strike on Syria. That will be tricky – here are some of his options for how to end the “policy paralysis” and ideally, the Assad regime.

8. 100 years ago today, the US entered World War One. In case you’d forgotten what a world war looks like, Reddit user Srirachachacha made this GIF showing how it spread:

World War I GIF

Four years later, 38 million lives had been lost, and 20 years later, we did it all again. Humans.

9. You can’t beat old-fashioned farmhouse cooking. Unless it’s new-fashioned farmhouse cooking, and the guy cooking it is Dan Hunter. It was a bold move to set up his restaurant, Brae, two hours into the countryside out of Melbourne, but it did give Hunter space to grow all his own ingredients. And this week, Brae was named of the world’s 50 best restaurants. Simon Thomsen knows what all the fuss is about, because he was there last week, and this is what he ate. And drank. And didn’t smoke.

10. Always getting holes in your jacket? You need to buy an Imperial Motion jacket. Particularly one from its Nano Cure Tech line:

Have a great weekend.

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