10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Note 7 meltedBack to the drawing board. Picture: Baidu/Mr. Ni66666

Good morning.

1. Oh, Samsung. You were so, so close to taking over the smartphone world by creating the incredible Galaxy Note 7. But now millions of them might have to be replaced because of exploding batteries. That could cost upward of a $1 billion, or, as Samsung smartphone boss Koh Dong Jin prefers to call it, a “heartbreaking amount”. And just half a day before the iPhone 7 drops, possibly with these 11 new features.

2. To markets, and there won’t be a September rate hike in the USA after a much weaker than expected US ISM non-manufacturing print last night. Stocks lifted a little but the US dollar got hammered, pushing the Aussie up for its largest one-day gain in two months. And it’s expected to head higher with all eyes on Australia‚Äôs Q2 GDP report, which, after a after a flurry of GDP inputs in recent days, now looks like it will be another stellar number. Here’s your 10-second guide to the drop at 11.30am. The September SPI 200 contract down 11 points.

3. There are reports of fresh cuts coming on Wall Street. The top 10 banks have shed 10,000 front office jobs since 2011, and if you want to know what that looks like, Liz Ann Sonders is there for you:

4. Maybe they were just all at Burning Man, trying to get home. It could take a while:

Cars leaving Burning Man from woahdude

That must be the mother of all traffic jams as 16 lanes try to merge into one, creating a reported “10-20 hour wait at peak time”. People who are very unlikely to be stuck in that jam are celebrities such as Katy Perry and Paris Hilton. Here’s the wild costumes they and their famous friends were wearing all week.

5. A couple of decades ago, this would have been a skit on a British comedy show:

Picture: Null Stern Hotel

Young couple arrive at hotel room, admire the furnishing, change into their PJs and switch off the lights. Cue all the canned laughter. But in 2016, where certain types of people have never been more easily separated from their money, it’s a real thing. Here’s all you need to know about Switzerland’s Null Stern Hotel.

6. So, Donald Trump’s back in the lead. The CNN/ORC poll says Trump has 45% of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton’s 43%. But another poll has Clinton 48%, Trump 42%, so here’s what you need to know about polls.

7. And if you’re on the Clinton side of things and still wondering how on earth the RNC hopes to win with someone like Trump leading, spare a thought for your UK colleagues. UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has to be the most out of touch politician on the planet right now. His latest hi-five was a presser where he announced that if elected, he would prioritise arts funding and to ram the message home, he introduced 80s reggae band UB40 to officially endorse his leadership. Then things got really bizarre.

8. Remember that world’s longest, highest and most frightening glass bridge that opened in China 16 days ago? It’s closed because right now, it’s just too dangerous.

9. Here’s a nice change – Australia is winning again. In the crickets, where Glenn Maxwell smashed 145 in 65 balls to fall just shy of the world record T20 innings owned by the guy he replaced, Aaron Finch. The Aussies still claimed a world record total though – 3-263 to ditch Sri Lanka. And Tim Cahill refuses to stop scoring goals for the Socceroos. He came off the bench against UAE and immediately struck the winner as Australia tries to qualify for the World Cup.

10. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have called it quits just three months into their relationship. But whether you’re into that kind of thing or not, here’s a great post about why the whole thing might be an impressively elaborate PR stunt. And while we’re on Hollywood being crappy, here’s why Mel Gibson just called Batman v Superman “a piece is s..t”.

BONUS ITEM: Time for some true romance. If you were this couple who stepped out for a precarious wedding day snog in Yosemite National Park, the photographer who caught you would like to say hi:

Have a great day.

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