10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Friday, and we’re in love. With these 10 things:

1. First, to markets, where the Bank of England delivered a near-certain cut to interest rates, plunging them to historic low of 0.25%. Credit Suisse and Barclay’s say post-Brexit Britain is plunging toward recession. But in the US, everyone’s waiting for tonight’s non-farm payrolls number, so there was virtually no movement on the Dow and S&P. Local futures traders are betting on a slightly better day again in Australia with SPI futures up 12 points and the Australian dollar looks like it wants to go higher despite another fall in iron ore.

2. It’s getting easier to make ends meets in Australia, apparently – if you believe the recent Australian Bureau of Statistics’ living cost index. Here’s how it’s calculated:

By how much would after tax money incomes need to change to allow households to purchase the same quantity of consumer goods and services that they purchased in the base period?

But here’s what it doesn’t take into account:

Yeesh. Those past three years. There are now 570 suburbs nationally whose median house price is over $1 million. And if you’re still trying to buy in NSW, look away now, because here’s the list of 25 most expensive suburbs to buy a home in Sydney Australia.

And just in case you were thinking something self-affirming like “Oh, but a mortgage is forced savings”, after 25 years of investing in real estate this guy says buying a home is for suckers.

3. Victoria’s Secret customers are freaking out about this image that they claim was Photoshopped. See if you can see the freaky extra elbow. But here’s a funny thing – a Victoria’s Secret photo editor recently told Refinery 29 that yeah, the company often digitally touches up models. “Models are thinner than you actually think they are, and we retouch them to look rounder,” she said.

4. If you had to evacuate a plane, would you grab your carry-on luggage? Even though you’ve seen hundreds of flight attendants telling you not to? Here’s some amazing vision from inside that Emirates plane that crashed on the runway yesterday and yes, they all got out. Even those who ignored all the demands and grabbed their carry-ons. But in those few extra precious seconds it takes to save your laptop, remember the kind of disaster you’re courting – this:

5. Has Donald Trump blown it? This electoral college map from the University of Virginia Center for Politics has Hillary Clinton winning the November election by a landslide. And while polls have been wrong before, Trump’s support has crucially collapsed in three of the most important major battlegrounds. In mid-July, polls conducted Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire found the race to be within 3 points in either direction. This week, it’s Clinton with a 9-point lead in Michigan, an 11-point lead in Pennsylvania, and a 17-point lead in New Hampshire. Oof.

6. Also hilarious is Hampton Creek. For one, it’s a Silicon Valley startup trying to look like a tech company, when it’s actually a small food company run by a vegan that is mostly famous for making a mayonnaise out of yellow peas. It calls the product “Just Mayo”, when clearly it is everything but. And today, Bloomberg reveals Hampton Creek secretly tasked employees to buy jars of Just Mayo at grocery stores across the US from 2014 to 2015. About $US77,000 worth, just eight months out from closing a $90 million round of VC financing.

7. Nailing a job interview is all about preparation, but where do you start? Here, with this 15-step guide to nailing any job interview. And you know they’re good tips, because they come from Business Insider’s director of talent, Stephanie Fogle, who clearly has an eye for such things.

8. In space, anything is possible. And on Saturn, something is happened that’s never been seen anywhere else in the universe. This:

It’s a hurricane 32,000km across that may have been raging for hundreds of years. But you may have noticed, it’s shaped like a hexagon – and scientists have no idea why.

9. Still looking for your ultimate tech business? Don’t panic because Apple and Android have snapped up all the smartphone money, because new battlegrounds are opening up. Messaging, for example, is now a bigger playground than social media. And Pokemon Go finally broke through the augmented reality mystique to show us all what can be done. So here are those, and four more consumer tech trends all businesses should be thinking about.

10. If you’re into business news, you should tune in to the number one locally made business podcast in Australia. Ours:

This week we’re talking to Shane Oliver on the RBA, the banks, and the big questions for the global economy.

BONUS ITEM: Cheer for the little guy:


Have a great day.

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