10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

If you explode it, they will come. Picture: Paramount Pictures

Good morning.

1. Here’s one thing you know about the new Air Force One currently under fitout at Boeing – Donald Trump doesn’t want it:

And here are nine things you didn’t know about the presidential airplane. You can buy the base model for around $US370 million and the fitout will actually bring the total cost to $US3.2 billion, so The Donald is $800K out. But it’s all irrelevant, and easy for him to cancel the order, because it won’t make it into service until 2024 anyway.

2. Markets were pretty positive across the globe overnight, especially in bullet-dodger Milan, where stocks were up 4%. The ASX rally yesterday was disappointing, so futures traders are hoping for better today, marking the December SPI 200 contract up another 30 points. Iron ore wants to bust through $80 and the Aussie is weaker at 0.7450ish this morning. But today’s GDP report could change all that.

3. Yes, it’s GDP day in Australia, it’s not likely to be pretty, and no one should be surprised if that’s confirmed at 11.30am. We’ll have full coverage, but until then, here’s your 10-second guide to what’s coming.

4. IPOs in Australia have had a much better year in 2016 – so far – than the ASX200. In November, 12 companies raised a total $1.95 billion by floating on the ASX. All up in 2016, we’ve seen 81 IPOs and together, they’ve put on 35.85% in 2016. The ASX200 has returned just 2.7% for the calendar year to date.

5. Audi doesn’t want you to stop driving their cars – literally. Select Audis will now be able to talk to LA’s traffic light system, and give drivers a heads-up on how much longer the red light ahead will stay red. So you’ll get less sitting behind someone missing a green while they’re texting, and more of those infuriating people who slow down 150 metres out from a red and approach it at 7km/h in the hope they don’t have to ever stop.

6. In the Congo, they don’t need Audis. They’ve got giant robocops:

Robot 3Getty ImagesA traffic robot cop on Triomphal boulevard of Kinshasa at the crossing of Asosa, Huileries and Patrice Lubumba streets.

They’re solar-powered, work around the clock and “don’t accept bribes”.

7. They make a lot more sense than Michael Bay’s giant robots. We got our first good glimpse of the latest wreckage instalment in the Transformers movie franchise. If Anthony Hopkins, Stanley Tucci and Mark Wahlberg can’t pull a story out from somewhere under the rubble of Bay’s direction, surely no one can. The trailer shows some promise, with Optimus Prime clearly a little… conflicted.

8. The latest ranking of top countries in maths, reading, and science is out:

At least we’re thrashing the Kiwis in the cricket.

9. Do you hate your job? That’s a pretty good sign it’s time to quit, but just in case, here are 21 more subtle ways you might be telling yourself to start 2017 with some fresh direction. And on your last day, don’t say these 15 things, including “Let’s stay in touch!”

10. And when you’re ready to make the best impression and want to know how, ask Tony Robbins. Or maybe you’d prefer to start your own business. But before you do, ask Tony Robbins.

BONUS ITEM: Sorcery! Of the best kind. The kind that makes your bed make itself:

Have a great day.

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