10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Another Marsh bites the dust. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. The US election is officially kind of a big deal now. So much so, it’s getting two spots in 10 Things. On the campaign side, FBI director James Comey is back on the Clinton Christmas card list after clearing all those emails. That’s good news for Hillary, because the polls continue to tighten. Nate Silver says she is now just “one state away” from losing Electoral College, which might explain why she’s deployed her husband and Barack Obama to Michigan for a final push to ensure that state which has been blue for 20 years doesn’t turn red.

But the email scandal might not be over just yet. Everyone’s wondering why Clinton’s office has told everyone to dismiss any “bombshell” email from WikiLeaks which might drop as “probably a fake”. But at least Clinton’s won all the young hearts:

53 per cent of the 905,928 kids picked Clinton, while Donald Trump received 36 per cent. But then again, 11 per cent voted for “What is Aleppo” Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. The kids have picked every president bar one since 1988.

2. On the markets side of things:

3. Stressed by all that? Science says this “popular music” song can reduce your anxiety in less than 10 minutes. You know it.

4. So, data this week and it’s all pretty much moot when you consider a Trump win could be Brexit times 10. Certainly nothing out of Australia will cause a ripple – it’s a quiet week here with only the NAB Business Survey on Tuesday and Consumer Sentiment Wednesday worth noting. New Zealanders could get a rate cut on Thursday to prop up their ailing economy following the All Blacks loss. In Europe, it’s a big week for Germany, with factory orders Monday, industrial production Tuesday and CPI Wednesday. Stay on top with Greg McKenna’s NAB-powered diary.

5. On the markets, things should be brighter after the FBI business. Forex traders have already reacted and the US dollar is stronger with the yen and euro this morning. SPI 200 Futures (December) didn’t quite catch the news though and have the ASX 200 opening 29 points (-0.6%) down. Iron ore stalled on Friday and the Aussie dollar is still treading water. Even Westpac didn’t make any money.

6. The cricket was horrible. Yes, the Saffas still have to take six wickets, but that won’t be a problem today with the wicket split in half. Let’s instead focus on this David Warner runout:

Now watch it again, keeping this pic in mind on Temba Bravura’s pick up and throw:

7. It wasn’t all bad in Australian sport though – as mentioned above, the All Blacks got beaten. By Ireland, for the first time, but an All Blacks loss is an All Blacks loss.

8. Your Monday morning podcast is in. Today it’s an episode of our “Foundations” series, which is all about entrepreneurship, leadership, and improving your work. And today, Greg McKenna will walk you through all the big questions about consumers, the property sector, China and the Australian dollar. Tune in on iTunes or listen to it here:

9. In tech, Microsoft’s dream of Windows on phones is as good as dead. Here’s why that’s great for Microsoft. And it looks like Tim Cook has a playbook for Apple’s next big thing – AR.

10. And finally, now Doctor Strange is out and busting some big numbers at the box office, here’s everything you need to know about Infinity Stones.

BONUS ITEM: Probably the worst kick of all time:

Have a great day.

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