10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. We now have a speculated date for the speculated Snapchat IPO. The Wall Street Journal reports it’s all going down in March and will see the company – now known as Snap Inc. – valued at $US25 billion. That will be just four years after 26-year-old Evan Spiegel – also known as Miranda Kerr’s fiance – turned down a $US3 billion offer from Mark Zuckerberg. There’s more here.

2. Facebook’s doing okay though. It’s now valued around $US350 billion because after failing to buy Snapchat, it bought WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus Rift instead, all for less combined than Snapchat’s IPO valuation. Today, Zuckerberg showed off the new version of Oculus Rift, which doesn’t have cords, and gave a strong demonstration of how Facebook will work in virtual reality.

3. Gold is collapsing. It’s now at $1250 an ounce and there looks to be nothing positive for our miners today either. But the December SPI futures contract is up 14 points, 0.3%, because oil surged back above $50 a barrel and US 10s are up. So all things considered, it should be a good day. Of course tonight, it’s the biggest data drop of the months – US non-farm payrolls. The Aussie dollar has drifted and is sitting at 0.7585 off an overnight low in the 0.7560s.

4. As he approaches the US presidential election, Donald Trump continues to backtrack on all the controversial things he said to win the US presidential election nomination. Today, he reckons all those bad things he said about women were “for the purpose of entertainment”:

There – are you not entertained? He needs to try harder – here’s our most recent electoral projection map:

Trump’s well behind, but if he can win Florida, he stands a chance. Perhaps that’s why, with Hurricane Matthew bearing down, the Clinton campaign may have been caught cashing in on disaster by spending $US63,000 on ads on The Weather Channel over the next five days.

5. “This storm will kill you.” “Think of all the people the storm has already killed.” “This is going to kill people.” That’s Florida governor Rick Scott’s way of telling residents they have been warned with evil grinning skull Hurricane Matthew just hours away from landfall on the US. And just in case you didn’t catch all the kills, Weather Channel hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross says it’s “like no storm in the record books.”

6. What are your wage expectations? As high as possible, no doubt, but how do you answer that question properly when it’s put to you in a job interview? It’s an awkward moment, mostly because it’s a trap, and everyone in the room knows it. But don’t refuse to answer it – bestselling personal finance writer Ramit Sethi says these replies are two other excellent options.

7. In the UK, a political party brawl nearly ended in tragedy. UKIP rising star Steven Woolfe and defence spokesman Mike Hookem took off their jackets and went outside to settle a difference. Woolfe wore a nasty punch:

But he hit his head on a metal bar when he fell, and ended up in hospital after bleeding on the brain caused him to have two seizures. Nasty business.

8. The race is officially on. Now Boeing has come out publicly to say it has plans to beat Elon Musk and be first to get humans on Mars. First we have to find a way to control the dust storms. But maybe aliens will get here first. That “alien megastructure” star which may be trying to contact us is now behaving even weirder.

9. Heads up, really old people. The Rolling Stones are releasing their first album in a decade. And the Blade Runner sequel finally has a title, Harrison Ford and a release date.

10. In sport, the Socceroos fought back from a goal down to take a 2-1 lead against Saudi Arabia in the third World Cup qualifier, but the Saudis got one back late. And at the national U17 cricket championships, this kid hit a century:

Welcome to the spotlight Austin Waugh. Yes, that Waugh.

BONUS ITEM: Monkeys, on the subject of unequal pay:

Have a great weekend.

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