10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning. We’ll talk about the cricket later.

1. The major banks were hammered lower yesterday in the wake of the ANZ’s announcement that it was raising $3 billion of fresh capital. CBA finished down 3.23%, the NAB was 2.18% lower and Westpac’s shares fell 3.04%. For local stock traders, that sets up another bad day on the ASX 200, according to futures players.

2. Crude. Akin Oyedele from BI US says that crude oil extended declines to four-month lows of $US44.20 per barrel in New York. “Oil collapsed into a bear market last month on oversupply concerns, weakening demand from China, and forthcoming exports from Iran after sanctions are lifted.” And here’s why that’s a big story for all these markets, according to Greg McKenna:

  • Commodities, because crude is a leader.
  • Interest rates, because lower crude will continue to push a deflationary pulse through the global economy,
  • and stock markets and the US dollar, because even if this fall doesn’t stop the Fed from tightening this year, it will possibly truncate the extent of the rise in rates.

3. Friday killjoy science post. Here’s what will happen to your body tonight one hour after you down your first after-work beer.

4. It looks like Flight MH370 may have still been under some sort of control when it crashed into the Pacific ocean, according to early analysis of the wing piece washed up on Reunion Island. Sadly, there’s still a ton of theories about what happened to it, including one from some grieving relatives who believe the wreckage is fake.

5. Thank you and good night, Jon Stewart. The late night host’s fans will see him behind The Daily Show desk for the last time tonight since January, 1999. It’s been a stellar run for one of the most important, and importantly, hilarious, shows on US television. From the touching way he handled 9/11 to the incredible interview with 16-year old Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, here’s just a few of his greatest performances.

6. The world for Tesla owners just keeps moving forward. They wake up in the morning and find someone’s added “Ludicrous Mode” to their engine. And now – well, soon – they won’t even have to get out of their spaceship car to charge it.

7. You make thousands of decisions every day — from what to eat for breakfast to which job offer to take. You’re probably stuffing up more of them than you thought. Here’s 20 cognitive biases you can blame for that.

8. It’s 70 years to the day that the US wiped 70,000 Japanese lives off the map instantly by dropping “Little Boy” on Hiroshima, starting the process which ended WWII. If you’re feeling a bit removed from history, here’s a simulation of what the same bomb would do to Manhattan.

9. The world’s coolest jailbreak was completed by a very uncool sex offender some time in the past couple of days. Literally, very cool – he surfed away, from his island prison in Norway.

10. Must we talk about the cricket? OK. One team played it last night; specifically, one player. Stuart Broad just about won the Ashes, taking eight wickets and bundling Australia out in one tweet:

There’s a lot of talk of headscratching, but it’s pretty simple. A couple of weeks ago, Australia was the No 2 team in the world, (it still is, hilariously) heading into the most intense series in the game. Then within three matches, Cricket Australia, already down Ryan Harris, pulled another 115 Test matches of experience out of the middle order. Here they are in the Third Test last week:

Um. Picture: Getty Images

Haddin should have been allowed back in after missing a Test for personal reasons. And despite the relentless ridicule, Shane Watson has a better batting record than Shaun Marsh and a better bowling record than Mitchell Marsh – not just in the past year, but in their entire careers.

It’s hard to imagine Darren Lehmann right now is the same coach pulling the selection strings who gave George Bailey five Test failures in 2013-14, simply because he didn’t want to curse the winning streak that saw the Aussies romp home 5-0. So we’re tipping there might be some tension brewing at the top… again.

And hey, this is England, so we’re not done yet.

BONUS ITEM: Try to enjoy your day. It’s still Friday, after all… and Spider-Man’s still kicking ass:

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