10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

You can say no to your boss… and live. Picture: Warner Bros

Good morning. Here’s the story so far.

1. This turbulent dollar. Just three months ago, Bill Evans, Westpac’s chief economist, took an axe to the battler, saying that “fair value would fall to 66 cents (from 69 cents at the time) by year’s end”. Now, despite a calamitous drop in the price of our key commodity export, iron ore, Evans is banking on the Aussie dollar heading for 68 cents… by March. Here’s why.

2. The US rate rise is a lock. Absolutely, definitely after a huge print for US non-farm payrolls on Friday. Santa returned to the US markets immediately following the release, but didn’t get around to Europe in time. Even so, expect just a small bump for the ASX, with futures Friday suggesting a small rally today, but as ever, weighed down by iron ore’s appalling week which saw it drop 10% over the five days.

3. Datawise, it’s huge week. All the Fed action is still 10 days away, but we’ve got numbers from China, the NAB Business and Westpac Consumer Sentiment surveys plus Australia’s jobs report to look forward to. Stay ahead of the game with Greg McKenna’s diary of all the key events.

4. How innovative is Australia? This innovative:

Oh, wait. There’s a bit more – keep scrolling:

And here’s all the depressing news about what we’re doing about it.

5. Holidays! Are coming and they’re always great, because sleep-ins. And sleep-ins means staying up late watching Netflix. You probably know by now that Netflix’s original shows are mostly excellent, but now there are 16 series, it’s time you got some help choosing your next binge. So here are all them, ranked, according to proper reviews aggregator Metacritic rather than Netflix’s dodgy internal system.

6. “Australia uses more methamphetamine than almost any other country.” That alarming line is from the final National Ice Taskforce report released yesterday. And this is what an epidemic looks like:

Adding to the problem is the fact the price of ice in Australia is still $675, ahead of the US at $268 and Singapore at $153, making Australia a very attractive country for international suppliers. Yesterday, with the release of the report, the Federal Goverment pledged $300 million to fight the scourge. Here’s how it will be spent.

7. Hopefully, your boss won’t ever ask you to do something illegal. But if they do, you don’t have to quit. Lynn Taylor, the author of “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job”, has these 12 tips for how to say no, keep your job and be able to sleep soundly at night knowing the good guy/gal won.

8. More horrible bosses. Here are 13 interview questions you should never answer. Ever.

9. Today on the internet, we’re teaching kids how to pick all the locks. All you need are two paper clips, a hard surface, and a pair of pliers – and retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson’s book “100 Deadly Skills”, where you find simple step-by-steps like these:

There’s more here if you haven’t got time to wait for the book.

10. Did you ever wonder how McDonald’s makes all its food? Or would you prefer not to? The fast food giant has been on a huge PR push to make sure all the myths about “pink slime” and “pig fat ice cream” are cleared up and in some cases, has been surisingly honest with the reality. Here are 16 of your most common queries – check off how many your Facebook friends got right.

BONUS ITEM: What the Irish mean when they say “eejit”:

Have a great day.

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