10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

People put up shutters as they prepare for Hurricane Irma on September 5, 2017 in Homestead, Florida. Photo: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images.

Good morning.

1. In 2012, Barack Obama decreed that nearly 800,000 immigrant kids living in the US would be shielded from deportation if their parents had been found to have arrived illegally. Today, the Trump administration said it would end the program, which was never made permanent, just like it promised it would in the election campaign. Here’s some of the reaction, with the usual odd inclusions of people who get a say just because they own big tech businesses:

  • Mark Zuckerberg: “This is a sad day for our country.”
  • Barack Obama: “To target these young people is wrong… they have done nothing wrong.”
  • Tim Cook: “Regardless of where they were born, they deserve our respect as equals.”
  • And Trump himself: “Before we ask what is fair to illegal immigrants, we must also ask what is fair to American families.”

2. Hurricane Irma is now a Category 5. That means it’s potentially packing 290km/h winds and driving sea surges up to 6 metres as it tracks towards the Caribbean and possibly Florida beyond. The ISS has footage of it from space here, but the big hat tip goes to NOAA’s hurricane hunters who flew inside the eye to show the inner wall “stadium effect”:

Irma is now stronger than Katrina, which killed some 1800 people, and could be followed by Tropical Storm Jose, brewing in the mid-Atlantic. Richard Branson will be hit square on, but he’s determined to ride Irma out on Necker Island.

3. It’s GDP day here in Australia, and it’s shaping up to be a good one, with an increase set to stretch Australia’s run without experiencing a technical recession to 26 years. Here’s your 10-second guide to the big release. But ASX200 futures are pointing lower, thanks to US traders coming back from a public holiday, noting the North Korean tensions, and hitting the sell button. Bitcoin hit a low of $US4,234 before rallying back as Nobel Prize-winner Robert Schiller reiterated his comment that BTC is the perfect definition of a bubble. And finally, the Aussie dollar is back at 80 cents.

4. Vladimir Putin was speaking at the BRICS summit in China when a reporter annoyed him by asking if Putin was “disappointed” in US president Donald Trump. He told the reporter they sounded “naive” and that Trump “is not my bride, neither am I his bride or groom”. He did note, however, that:

…it’s difficult to conduct a dialogue with people who confuse Austria and Australia.

5. Adobe employees in London now have their own running track – on the roof of their office, 16 storeys above the city of London. Here’s the footage showing it in use, hinting at disaster for anyone who has faith in the fact the track “has arrows to avoid collisions”.

We have pics of inside the shiny new office as well.

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6. James Bond got married, then Blofeld killed his wife, who went on to become Olenna Tyrell. We know that from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and one of the Roger Moore flicks. But the full story itself might be the plot for Daniel Craig’s fifth outing, according to a Hollywood source who claims Bond 25 will be like “‘Taken’ with Bond”.

7. Kim Jong Un’s development of a “city-busting” thermonuclear ICBM could be a masterstroke. A former national security adviser to the Obama administration, Colin Kahl, says the ability for North Korea to melt iron has lobbed a curly question into the mix – would the US trade San Francisco for Seoul? Then Trump tweeted that he would sell “a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment” to South Korea and Japan, and US treasurys responded:

8. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is an amazing phone, says Steve Kovach, in his ultimate review after a week with it in his pocket (which remained cool). But there is a lot of excellent phones to choose from between now and the end of the year. Strangely, a Piper Jaffray survey found there’s almost no more interest in iPhone owners upgrading to the new “supercycle” model this year than there was for last year’s incremental iPhone 7.

9. Here’s an interesting poster that’s just popped up in Germany:

John Branca, the co-executor of Jackson’s estate, hinted on Monday at the Venice Film Festival that there could be an “interesting record release” coming up.

10. Somehow, the Socceroos are still a chance to make the World Cup. They scratched out a 2-1 win over Thailand last night, then watched Saudi Arabia take their World Cup spot by beating Japan a couple of hours later. But Syria then scored an unlikely, dramatic 2-2 draw against Iran. So Australia will have to beat Syria on October 5 and October 10, then whoever makes it through in fourth place for the North Americas. And yes, it could be the US.

Have a great day.

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