10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Rethink that 9am heartstarter. Make it 8am. Picture: BBC

Ahoy hoy, welcome to Friday International Beer Day.

1. Phones. On one end, we have more details on the call between Malcolm Turnbull and Donald Trump which made headlines on January 28, in which we learn Trump also told Turnbull he was “worse than I am”, but a reasonable conversation was had. On the other end we have more details of Trump’s “humiliating” phone call with Mexico’s president, which appears to be less sinister than originally reported.

2. And of course, we finally got the tape of Anthony Scaramucci’s call to New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza, in which there was a lot more laughing than you might have imagined. The lesson from all three is, sadly, the same lesson that shows up year after year when journalists roll in just behind used car salesman in those “least trusted profession” surveys.

3. Also on the phone is Snap, whose stocks finally rose thanks to another journo, our own Alex Heath, who reported that Google offered to buy the company for at least $US30 billion last year. It’s worth about $US14 billion right now and reportedly, the offer is still on the table.

4. To markets, and the Bank of England was dovish last night, resulting in a dip for the pound. Reports that the UK seems so badly prepared for Brexit negotiations that other EU countries think it must be a trap probably aren’t helping things either. The US dollar is under pressure awaiting tonight’s all important jobs report, and in Australia, we get retail sales data and the Reserve Bank’s quarterly Statement on Monetary Policy, both released at 11:30am. David Scutt reckons it could be a wild session for the Australian dollar today.

5. The Aussie dollar is rising, Amazon is moving in to destroy local retailers, and Sydney and Melbourne housing is slipping further out of reach as wages growth sucks. Seems like a good week to get the treasurer in for a chat. Scott Morrison joins us for this week’s podcast. Find it on iTunes, or listen in below.

6. Get to a bar, now. A recent study shows that regular and even heavy drinkers are less likely to suffer age-related cognitive decline. And if you thought we were kidding about International Beer Day – this. Why are you still here?

7. Yesterday’s big news was that Amazon has found a fulfilment centre in Australia. “Hundreds of thousands of products” will be stocked in the 24,000 square metre shed in Dandenong. Last week, the retail monolith held its annual US jobs fair, and BI went along and found out why it’s so powerful – it’s massive, and everyone wants to work there. It was trying hire 50,000 people on the day.

8. What you won’t be able to buy at Amazon in Australia, or in Australia at all, is this 1.5 tonne mound of cocaine:

Photo: ACIC

That’s a new record for attempted shipments to Australia. It’s been taken to Noumea to be investigated more thoroughly.

9. It’s been revealed the people who wanted to blow up a flight out of Sydney failed because the bag they had the bomb in tipped the carry-on scales. In US airspace, Boeing took a 787 Dreamliner for an 18-hour test flight across the US last week. And here’s the route it took, because it can:

Boeing 787 Test flightFlightradar24.comBoeing 787 Dreamliner flight route outline.

10. A missile defence expert says North Korea’s ICBM tests don’t mean anything because it’s only firing them vertically. To test it properly, the missile has to be fired in a proper flat trajectory, which means to avoid a global war, Kim Jong Un has to find a target about 9000km away in a massive virtually empty landscape…

BONUS ITEM: The final word on whether booze is good for you:

Have a great weekend.

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