10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. To markets, where the US Fed minutes caused some jitters. Chair Janet Yellen said the Fed wants to start shrinking its $US4.5 trillion balance sheet later this year and the US Dow Index swung backwards more than 240 points in intra-day trading. There’s more on the Fed’s stock market concerns here. June Futures point to a subdued opening for the ASX today, and the Aussie dollar is still going nowhere.

2. The best restaurant in the world is New York’s Eleven Madison Park. We know because Simon Thomsen went to the awards in Melbourne last night. And he got to see two Australian restaurants make the top 50.

3. US President Donald Trump doubled down on his new Syria hard line. At a press conference with King Abdullah II of Jordan, Trump said the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria “crossed a lot of lines” for him and his attitude toward Bashar al-Assad “has changed very much”. So has his attitude toward his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, who just lost his seat on the US National Security Council after a reorganisation.

4. If Trump and Abdullah are heading indoors to talk about hard lines in the Middle East, now’s a good time to look back on these 11 pictures which show Abdullah flying his military chopper, marshalling the troops and generally being a total badass.

5. Your daily story about a ridiculous house price in Sydney has arrived. And they’re not getting any less ridiculous, promise – here’s a $7 million one-bedder.

6. Nick Kyrgios is selling his BMW – through his Facebook page. The F80 M3 2015 should deliver the kind of reliable high-performance Kyrgios fans wish would rub off on their hero, for the price of a decent showing in an ATP Tour event. Kyrgios has been having a day out with the haters:

And a Ferrari once owned by the Leader of the Free World just sold for $US270,000.

7. “Alien” originally had a much darker and more gruesome ending. Ridley Scott said he preferred the one where Sigourney Weaver got her head ripped off, but a Fox exec threatened to fire him on the spot if Scott went with it. Meanwhile, Michael Bay has revealed there are another 14 Transformers movies already written. Ouch.

8. SpaceX nailed another landing at sea, only this one was extra important because it was the Falcon 9 which made history by being the first secondhand rocket to launch a payload into orbit. Here’s how easy $62 million can make an insanely complicated task look:

NASA, meanwhile, is happy enough to destroy a $US3.26 billion spacecraft rather than let it crash into one of Saturn’s moons.

9. Pepsi made an ad where Kendall Jenner eases racial tensions by handing a can of Pepsi to a cop. The internet didn’t buy it, including Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter:

Pepsi today pulled the ad and learnt the valuable lesson – if you think you’ve got something nice to say, ask everybody else in the world if it’s nice enough first.

10. Something about a dream job. French researcher will pay 24 fit and healthy young men more than $20,000 to stay in bed for 60 days. It’s so they can study the effects of microgravity on human bodies, and you’re welcome to it. Because it actually sounds like torture.

BONUS ITEM: Let’s get loud with this little champ:

Have a great day.

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