10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. In Trump news today, the US President threw a curveball at investigations into his election campaign’s ties with Russia by claiming that Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of phones in Trump Tower before the election. Now he wants Congress to investigate. Who knows what’s real any more in US politics, but whichever way this pans out, someone’s going to look silly.

2. Startups come and startups go so often it’s almost the official business model. But one incubator in inner city Sydney has been sticking it out for its entrepreneurs for 17 years now – and you’ve probably never heard of it. Cicada Innovations currently provides long-term support for more than 70 “deep technology” entrepreneurs, and let us have a peek at four. Come for the autonomous military target robots, stay for the glue that can stick busted eyeballs back together.

3. Markets, and US stocks clawed back their late week losses to get back on top again as US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen confirmed a benchmark interest rate rise is likely on March 15. We’ll know more after the monthly jobs report on Friday. Aussie futures point to a slightly lower open today, with retail sales figures out and the ANZ February jobs ads report. The Aussie is finding buyers and iron slumped, but a reversal is on the cards.

4. The cricket is must-watch telly right now. Australia has the upper hand, leading by 48 runs after day two, and on a Bangalore pitch even dodgier than Pune two weeks ago, that might be enough. Tensions are high – if Australia wins this series 4-0, they can steal the world championship and another million dollars off the Indians for the second year in a row. Which explains behaviour like this from Ishant Sharma:

Tune in if you can. It’s a cracking series.

5. Investors are going nuts for this company that lost $US514 million in 2016. Snap stock is up 50% since its Thursday IPO, backed by believers who think it can create the world’s first “engaging, creative, and fun” advertising platform.

6. Yes, Australian fixed income strategy has stars and one of them is Jarrod Kerr, from the Commonwealth Bank’s Institutional Banking and Markets team. You’ll find out why if you tune in to this week’s episode of our markets and economics podcast, Devils and Details, below. Or you can find the show on iTunes here.

7. The death of the McMansion? In the US, there are signs younger generations aren’t into poorly constructed monoliths eating up all the prime agricultural land at Fernypaddocks Knoll. Golf courses are shutting down, roads out of the cities are disintegrating and even big business is shifting back to town to stay shoulder to shoulder with inner city Millennials. We don’t want to say it’s the death of suburbia, but this great read from Ashley Lutz opens our new series, “Death of Suburbia”.

8. And because the city is a dangerous place, here’s what to do if someone tries to mug you, according to a former Navy SEAL.

9. How did you spend your Sunday night? Exercise? Network? Plan out your sleep? If you answered yes, you’ve just ticked three of the 15 things successful people do on Sunday night and are on track to not be one of the 76% of everyone who gets bummed out at the prospect of when you wake up and then it’s Monday.

10. Here’s everything we know about all the ways Apple might redesign the new iPhone, and everything we know about how a new 3D camera might fit with Apple’s push into the “next big thing” – augmented reality. But it’s going to have to move fast, because Microsoft is rapidly opening up a big lead in AR.

BONUS ITEM: It’s NSFW, it’s loaded with Easter eggs, it’s hilarious. And the teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 has pulled 13 million views in two days:

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