10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

It’s Super Bowl time! Picture: Warner Bros

Good morning.

1. First, to markets, where it wasn’t a great week for Australian stocks. Four out of five days were in the red, leaving the ASX200 down 1.6% for the week. But US stocks lifted after President Trump announced a plan to roll back financial regulations and futures traders think the only way for the ASX today is up, putting the SPI 200 contract for March up 24 points. The US dollar extended its drop for six consecutive weeks and Australian dollar is on the defensive. Iron ore is getting hosed.

2. Seven young Australians will embark on a journey today, when they hop on the plane for startup Hacker Exchange’s first tour of Silicon Valley. Hacker Exchange co-founder Jeanette Cheah hopes they will learn how to “help accelerate the growth of our own startup economy here in Australia“.

3. Maybe the next Jack Ma is among them. He certainly hopes so, after visiting Down Under last week and gifting University of Newcastle $26 million to set up a scholarship. Oh, and warn the world that it’s important not to retreat from globalisation, because:

“If trade stops, war starts”

4. Our PM fixed our relations. Phew:

But here’s an interesting run-down of why the blow-up occurred in the first place, written by Michelle Mark in our US office. It’s a reminder that while Australians are getting all angsty about Trump’s “humiliating” treatment of our PM, there’s now even more people in the rest of the world now just learning about Australia’s treatment of asylum-seekers.

5. In the absence of any “true” news about what was really said, we’ll just have to resort to SNL. Here’s their impression of an Orstraylian President:

But Melissa McCarthy’s impression of Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer was the real show-stealer.

6. Super Bowl is on, soon. Kick-off in Texas between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons is at 10.30am in the game that almost certainly won’t be 39-year-old Tom Brady’s last. The Patriots are talking about a new 3- to 5-year contract. If you want to watch it, tune into Channel 7. Or, if you prefer, here’s how to watch the Superb Owl instead. You’ll see more action.

7. And if you want to make more money than a US pro-footballer, get an engineering degree. If you make it, your average lifetime career earnings in the NFL will come out around $US3 million. But 60% of engineering students graduate, 97% find jobs after that, and collect an average of more than $US5 million life earnings. (Caveat – you just have to work 36.5 years longer.)

8. Podcast! Devils and Details is back for 2017, and we’re kicking it off with our favourite topic – house prices. So we’ve got Pete Wargent of Allen Wargent property buyers in to tell us what he’s telling hedge funds about the housing market in 2017. Find us on iTunes or listen in below.

9. As details of Snapchat’s IPO filings are now public knowledge, it’s no surprise to learn it suffered slowdowns in growth around the time Facebook rolled out similar features to the social media upstart in 2016. So here’s why Mark Zuckerberg is the new Bill Gates Borg meme of the 90s.

10. The world is now officially too dangerous. Even bathroom hand dryers are trying to kill us.

BONUS ITEM: Why pay $1000 for Nike’s self-lacing shoes? This LEGO hack is better:

Have a great week.

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