10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning. It’s been a rough week.

1. Talk, inevitably in the US, has turned to how liable the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas was for allowing someone to occupy a room undisturbed for three days and stockpile 10 bags of rifles, handguns and ammunition in it. Here’s what’s most likely to happen to Room 135 on the hotel’s 32nd floor. And this was a solid moment from both Donald Trump and 28-year-old Thomas Gunderson, who pushed through his injuries to stand and shake his president’s hand:

2. But the big news today is all about gun reform. Not a lot of gun reform, because again, this is the US we’re talking about, but Republicans are considering banning the sale of bump stocks, the retrofit item that all but turns a semiautomatic gun into a machine gun. Crucially, the National Rifle Association is open to maybe making bump stocks “subject to additional regulations”.

3. Warren Hogan is indisputably one of Australia’s best economic analysts and he joined this week’s episode of the Devils and Details podcast to underline it. How worried is he about where the economy is going? Let’s put it this way: if economics content was rated like movies, this would be at least a PG 15 and maybe an M. Get into it here:

4. To markets, and the US dollar is on a roll, hitting a seven-week high thanks to a good run on data and and bad run from the British PM (more sad hilarity on that below). The S&P500 also posted its eighth straight session of gains, iron ore woke up for look around, and even the Spanish IBEX climbed a bit. Surely the ASX’s day has come? The news isn’t so good for the battler – poor retail data pushed it down below US78 cents.

5. Intersekt, Australia’s annual fintech festival, is coming up in Melbourne at the end of the month. We’re on board, because big changes are coming to banking in this country once the government brings in an “open data” regime. Here are 8 personal finance apps saddled up for the ride and already causing some heavy sweating among the Big Four. Meanwhile, NAB’s now using Google Assistant to answer customer questions.

6. Theresa May’s big moment came as she addressed the Conservatives in front of this sign:

By the time she’d finished, the Brit PM had been pranked by a comedian, repeatedly lost her voice and had coughing fits, and finished in front of this sign:

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Just disastrous. Some reports say she wept after leaving the stage. Result – the pound is at a 4-week low on the prospect of a leaderless UK “or even worse, Prime Minister Boris”. The morning papers didn’t hold back.

7. Bloomberg Terminals are the workhorse of the financial industry, keeping market players bang up to date with news as it happens. It’s why they cost $US30,000 a year to run. But there are other benefits, such as the lesser-known function POSH, which is basically a Gumtree for millionaires. Here’s some of our favourite items for sale, from an Italian castle, to Ferraris, Picassos and giant Lego sets.

8. You probably missed the most important part of Google’s big hardware launch yesterday, Seth Archer reckons, and that’s what kind of capability the company’s latest AI efforts have given to its new devices. It’s in everything, including the monster $US400 Home Max speaker, which is a genuine room-shaker. But BI’s Matt Weinberger was most excited to live his USS Enterprise dreams by trying the Pixel Buds which translate 40 languages in real-time – and they even sort of work.

9. The Socceroos have to beat Syria to have any chance of making the 2018 World Cup, so of course, with 10 minutes to go and leading 1-0 in Malaysia, this happens:

Dodgy penalty awarded. Draw recorded. Oh, soccer.

10. What’s the world’s biggest emitter of CO2? Cars and trucks? Coal plants? The US President? No, no and good guess, but no. But here’s a shiny dollar for anyone who said “tropical forests”, like Science just did.

BONUS ITEM: When your golden elevator breaks down and you don’t know what to do and life as a billionaire oil baron king is just the worst:

Have a great weekend.

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