10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

At least it’s just a broken bat. Picture: Getty Images

Friday! It’s the first one of 2017, so set the standard now.

1. Black swans. They’re considered big market-moving events which catch traders by surprise. So it’s a little bit pointless to try to prepare for them, but we do anyway. Barclays has had a pop at what it thinks could be 13 black swan events in 2017, and they’re all here. Including the somewhat cynical “Elon Musk Delivers Model 3 on time”.

2. Markets, and stocks in the US went nowhere overnight as traders awaited tonight’s final jobs report for 2016. It’s likely to be another healthy read. In Australia, the major banks and financial stocks led the market higher yesterday and futures traders expect more of the same today. The ASX 200 figure for March is up by 6 points ahead of today’s open. Iron ore has posted its first gain for 2017 and the Aussie dollar has hit a 3-week high as the greenback rally wilts.

3. We could talk about Chris Lynn’s incredible 11 sixes in last night’s BBL match, and he deserves it. Or Brendan McCullum’s broken bat. But tradition says we have to replay this moment from Hilton Cartwright over:

And over:

And over again:

Welcome to Test cricket. That’s called “taking one for the team”.

4. You might think you’re addicted to lip balm, but this dermatologists says that’s impossible. You’re just really, really in love with it, like this woman who, while looking back through 13 years of photos, realised she was rarely seen without her Carmex in hand. So she made a video about it, it’s gone viral, and Carmex sent her more Carmex.

5. US President Barack Obama has begun his long goodbye. His farewell address will take place on January 10, and he’ll officially hand the baton over to Donald Trump on January 20. Overnight, he got away to a rolling start by posting a review of his eight years in power on Medium – but you can read it all here, using his voice in your head.

6. And don’t despair, because the world is better than ever – and these 6 charts prove it.

7. Get connected. At CES in Las Vegas this week, LG said that from now on, all its premium appliances will come with wifi built into them. They’ll communicate with each other and your smartphone, and all of it will be “connected to the cloud”. It’s called the Internet of Things and if you don’t like the sound of it, too bad – this security expert give us one very simple reason why IoT will soon be in every device you buy. Even your toaster.

8. Can you spot the error on Express magazine’s cover?

Womens march on washington magazine coverExpress magazineSomething’s not right…

If you can’t, here’s the fixed version – and the Twitter hilarity.

9. If you’re considering going on a Disney binge sometime soon, spice it up by Googling how fans believe the movies could be connected. You might soon be convinced that Frozen princesses Elsa and Anna’s mum and dad didn’t die at sea – they were shipwrecked and gave birth to Tarzan. And their shipwreck is the one the Little Mermaid spends so much time playing in. That, or Frozen co-director Chris Buck might just be having some fun with you.

10. We know the US Air Force is going through a lengthy and expensive upgrade right now. We know it needs it, because one of the eight engines powering a Boeing B-52 bomber flying over Minot Air Force Base yesterday fell off.

BONUS ITEM: The first recorded selfie, circa 1969, in a Czech sci-fi film:

Have a great weekend.

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