10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

The only man who can save the US from Trump. Picture: Henry Winkler-John Rich Productions

1. Who’s eating all the pies? Affluents. They’re mostly baby boomers, but also include a growing chunk of aspirational youngsters who nod at and admire the me-first financial and political tactics of their grandparents. And they’re easy to spot, because they share one characteristic that, going by prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s complete reluctance to tackle it, is a clear vote-winner – a love for negative gearing. And here are the results from Digital Finance Analytics March 2016 Household Survey which prove it.

2. You’re okay, markets are okay. Until tonight, when a very important non-farm payroll drops in the US. Basically any theme running through markets except oil and gold recoveries could end at 12.30am. Here’s an excellent guide to that, but for now, after two pretty solid days of rising prices, the SPI 200 March futures is up 5 points. And the Aussie dollar is still partying.

3. Tiger Woods finally won. Woods designed and yesterday opened his first golf course in the US, Bluejack National. It’s a 10-hole par three layout for kids and families and with the inaugural tee off, 11-year-old Taylor Crozier gave Woods a dream debut:

4. By 2030, China will have more defence aircraft than the US Air Force, and a lot of its technology will be more advanced. Well, according to some guy who’s only the US Air Force chief-of-staff.

5. Apple’s Geniuses finally got their own Twitter account. It’s called @AppleSupport and in eight hours since opening, has pulled 70,000 users keen to hear more about Apple products and services, including tips, tricks, and tutorials.

6. They won’t hear anything about how to get Oculus Rift working on their Macs. That’s because it doesn’t, and Oculus founder Palmer Luckey took this withering swing at Apple when asked why the VR device doesn’t support Apple desktops:

“That is up to Apple. If they ever release a good computer, we will do it.”

Palmer said right now, a $6000 Mac Pro doesn’t have the graphics performance of a $950 PC.

7. MacGyver. You might have noticed “Full House” is back, leading a charge of old favourites getting a reboot on the small screen, including MacGyver. It seems networks are tired of reality TV and dark dramas, and need more MacGyver. So here’s the current list of all the old shows in makeover mode, because they just don’t make enough TV like MacGyver anymore:

8. Trump is winning the war. He got badly sledged by 2012 US presidential candidate Mitt Romney, but hit back in style by saying something about how he could have said “Mitt, drop to your knees”. “He was begging for my endorsement,” Trump said at a rally later in Portland, Maine. “Begging.“But in other news, a monkey controlled a wheelchair with its brain alone, so life will go on even after President Trump is elected.

9. The secrets of millionaires. Well, one secret, but it’s an important one. Because she was $70,000 in debt and hated her job, Jaime Masters bunked off and began studying and interviewing more than 100 millionaires so she could write a book about them. And she says this is the one proven way they made their money – and it wasn’t real estate or investing.

10. Did you just get a job offer? Congratulations! Now here are 12 signs you shouldn’t accept it.

BONUS ITEM: “Ghostbusters”, the first trailer of the reboot. Don’t fret too much – it’s directed by the guy who brought us “Bridesmaids” and “Spy”.

Have a great weekend.

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