10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Tomato? Picture: Carls Jr.

1. Rate cuts bizarrely hove into the frame again overnight. You can blame the US dollar, which crumbled, sending the Aussie dollar soaring. Greg McKenna reports there would have been “a lot of swearing in bank trading rooms and central bank offices last night as the collapse in the US dollar appeared to undermine the work the ECB, Bank of Japan, and our own Reserve Bank” are doing to weaken their respective currencies. The Aussie’s high for this run has been 0.7188 – 184 points off yesterday’s post-horror trade numbers low of 0.7004. Here’s the Aussie price action last night.

AUDUSD 15 minute chart (MT4, AxiTrader)

2. The wash up on all the action is that after a crushing day on the ASX yesterday, traders will look for better day today. The March SPI 200 contract is up 32 points, 0.7%. Energy should do well today while the positive US lead and rethinking of Fed actions could support Asian stocks more broadly.

3. This Russia problem. There’s been a lot of focus on Russia overnight and exactly what game it’s playing, or about to play. Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said Russia has made it “very clear” that it’s not really in Syria to fight ISIS, and only 10% of its strikes are actually aimed at the terrorist group. And a NATO report states Russia could steamroll its forces in Baltic states within 36 hours. But the most alarming was confirmation that in 2013, Russian aerial exercise was actually a “simulated nuclear attack” on Sweden.

4. ‘The most spectacular shot in tennis.’ That’s how Jeffrey Appel, the “Mayor of New York Tennis,” describes world No 181 Francis Tiafoe’s fake, which he displayed against Aussie Sam Groth on Tuesday night. He might be right:

That’s one of the reasons Tiafoe received a bit of financial backing from $13 billion hedge king and tennis nut, Bill Ackman.

5. Stop wasting time. We understand that is difficult because the internet’s right there in front of you with all its cats and blings and Carl’s Jr ads. But web extensions and apps can get you back on task and some do it so well, you don’t even know you’re being extra productive. Here’s 11 of the best of them.

6. There’s a new Fitbit. It’s called Alta and it does all the things the Surge does but looks like the Charge, so it doesn’t knock things off shelves and get stuck in closing elevator doors. It lands in March, but we’ve got the early skinny on Alta here.

7. Carl’s Jr ads are unapologetically raunchy, which is why they work. So to start their launch of 300 restaurants in Australia in the next 10 years, they hired unknown actress Gemie Howe. You might have seen her on the grid at the V8s, but here’s her best acting to date, doing something she admits she’d never actually do – eat a Carl’s Jr burger:

8. But if you thinks that looks like an easy way to earn big money, think again. Victoria’s Secret star Adriana Lima has just dished the dirt on the kind of stress beautiful women are under the world over. Lima recently had a just awful day that dragged on for 10 hours. And she did it with a cold and a headache, and her flight home was delayed by three hours. If you don’t believe it, here’s a picture she posted looking tired and haggard after her gruelling day:

No, wait. Sorry, that was an Indian rag picker earning about 27c for spending her day rifling through refuse. Here’s Adriana after her long, horrible day:

9. Perks are a gimmick, designed to suck you into working for a company at a cheaper rate than what you’re actually worth on the basis you might believe free food and having a dog under your desk equates to $20K a year or something like that. So here are 17 amazing perks we’ve found from companies on Glassdoor, including Spotify’s offer to freeze your eggs.

10. A month without drinking? Inconceivable. Yet BI’s Christina Sterbenz did it in January – and said it was “boring, alienating, and made eating less enjoyable” and wouldn’t do it again. Then balanced it out with some limp offering about how everyone should try it for “affirmation of self-control” and “scientific benefits”.

BONUS ITEM: Bonus Items are easy when there’s a new Zoolander 2 trailer.

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