10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Well, that came out of nowhere. The run of falls for US stocks just hit its longest streak since the GFC. So no surprise futures traders are betting the ASX will fall again on the open this morning. The December SPI 200 is down 25 points. The Australian dollar is hanging tough and iron ore futures just hit a two-year high.

2. Five days to go until the fate of the Free World is decided and the current US president just put all all his cards on the table in quite a rant against Trump. Meanwhile, the WSJ is reporting FBI agents had possible evidence Clinton Foundation donors got special treatment from the State Department while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. But some sources say the agents were prevented from pursuing their leads by Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI.

It’s the American people we feel sorry for.

3. But not as much as we do for the North Koreans. In a new poll, a grand total of none that the country‚Äôs public distribution system of goods provided what they wanted for a good life. And only one person said they don’t joke about the government in private. But perhaps most damning was that in a population of 25 million, the Center for Strategic and International Studies felt it was only safe to survey 36 people.

4. What fresh hell is this?

The Barnacle’s industrial strength sucker pads are more than a match for a set of matching purple sweatbands and can only be removed from illegally parked cars with a code sent to parking officers once the fine is paid. It’s being tested in Florida and Pennsylvania right now.

5. Russia is hoarding gold. And Hollywood celebs, after Vladimir Putin awarded Steven Seagal a citizenship. He’ll join Gerard Depardieu, who won his ticket in 2013. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the decision was simples:

“He is a rather well-known actor, which became the reason for granting him Russian Federation citizenship.”

In January, Seagal was given a Serbian citizenship for agreeing to open a martial arts academy.

6. Trailers! Wonder Woman is looking as close to an actually decent superhero movie Warner Bros has got since Christopher Nolan signed off on his Batman trilogy. But in February, Gen Xers will be enjoying a quiet moment alone away from the relentless Millennial/Boomer Me-fest when Begbie, Sick Boy, Rents and Spud return. Choose this latest trailer:

7. Owning a home is financial suicide. So says bestselling author, entrepreneur, angel investor and former hedge fund manager James Altucher. Altucher’s learned a lot about money after having it all, losing and getting it back again. And he won’t ever invest in a home again.

8. The NBN got real. An ISP coming to Australia soon will hopefully show how a bit of decent competition can make our $50 billion dollar cable the magic pill it should be. MyRepublic says it will offer unlimited data at maximum NBN speed – 100Mpbs – for $60 per month.

9. Mel Gibson’s comeback is gathering strength. But Ian Phillips is Jewish and he’s not having a bar of it.

10. In other comebacks, Bill Murray was drunk and crying and impersonating reporters as his beloved Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years:

And Australian cricket bounced back from a horror off-season to put South Africa on the ropes on the first day of the First Test in Perth. The visitors were tumbled out for 242 before David Warner and Shaun Marsh put on an unbeaten 105.

BONUS ITEM: Sabre Norris this week became the youngest surfer to compete in an Australian event. But she might be missing her true calling, as a morning show legend:

Have a great weekend.

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