10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Taylor swift billboardPhoto by Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesRecording artist Taylor Swift has a genius way of avoiding the paparazzi.

Hello Friday!

1. The ASX had a shocker, breaking down and through support to finish the day off 1.4%. It lost more ground overnight in futures terms with indications it will remain under pressure again today. Greg McKenna notes it’s times like these traders often step aside, waiting to see the bottom before re-entering, so we’ll see how it plays out over the next few days.

2. In Asia yesterday, it was a wild and crazy time on the Shanghai stock market. Weakness in the early part of the day seemed to be linked to some change in margin at brokerages. But you can’t keep a good Shanghai bull down and the market rocketed after the post-lunch low. It finished up 0.76% to 4,947.

3. Treasurer Joe Hockey won’t have anyone knocking his economy and has called anyone who does “clowns”, especially after the solid 0.9% Q1 GDP release earlier this week. Westpac’s senior currency strategist Sean Callow reckons that’s a bit unfair. While he’s not one of the forecasters talking recession, he says there’s plenty in the report to worry both clowns and the rest of us who are a bit more upbeat.

4. Here’s something Taylor Swift has been seen doing lately:

Strange. But it could be just another T-Swizzle moment that proves she is actually a genius.

5. Jay Yarow spent a solid, torturous year suffering delay after delay before he finally got his hands on an Apple Watch. Now, a month later, he’s selling it, for a couple of reasons. One, the price is about to fall off a cliff and two, there’s a couple of frustrating issues that show a better version is still a year or two away. If you’re in the market, this is the Apple Watch road test you’ve been looking for.

6. The Women’s World Cup starts this weekend. Why FIFA are so determined to add the “Women’s” bit is anyone’s guess – a World Cup is a World Cup, surely – as the action in Canada promises to be spectacular, and our Matildas are on the rise amongst it all. We have a tough group – think USA and Sweden – but we’re 10th best in the world and had a fantastic Asian Cup last year, making, but losing, the final. Here’s the best player from all 24 teams kicking off tomorrow night. (Our first game is Tuesday morning.)

7. Dark fibre company Superloop made its debut on the ASX yesterday after raising $17.5 million in its IPO. The company is aiming to become an independent provider of high speed data services in the Asia Pacific Region and someone yesterday really, really liked that idea. Look:

That’s a “buy”.

8. Aaagh! Real dinosaurs! They could be, in just five short years if this paleontologist who worked on “Jurassic World” gets his way. Jack Horner reckons you don’t need DNA from prehistoric mozzies – you can get all you need from reverse engineering a chicken. In fact, he says you could probably get a horse to grow a horn, while you’re at it. Meanwhile, scientists have found a new triceratops which they have excellently nicknamed “Hellboy”.

9. Okay, deep breath. There’s been a lot of talk about a global warming slowdown in the first 15 years of the 21st century, because all the data say there was. But wait, wait – it was all wrong. Now it’s all been chucked out and the Earth actually did get hotter. So there.

10. Friday self-help lesson. Here’s 21 things you should do on your first day at a new job. And here’s 13 things you should never say while you’re doing them.

BONUS ITEM: Is the the new Ball of the Century? West Indian leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo certainly caught Brad Haddin by surprise overnight in the West Indies, but it’s got a good 10 inches further out to drift before it matches Warnie’s. Still, fair effort:

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