10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Market forecasters and GoT fans – equally clueless. Picture: HBO

It’s Friday, in case you hadn’t noticed.

1. Carnage. That’s all you can say about stocks. Especially in Europe, after Mario Draghi didn’t ease anywhere near as much as everyone hoped. The DAX lost 400 points, the CAC lost about the same and the FTSE dropped 2.27%. That put pressure on a US market already prepping for a rate hike and because of all that, we have to suffer here in Australia. Expect a poor start on the ASX with futures down 68 points.

2. Maybe retail sales can lift our Christmas spirits. While our Q3 GDP report was excellent, today’s October retail sales release looks juicy. David Scutt has all the 10-second preview you need of today’s release.

3. Superhypercar. We now know something new about Bugatti’s successor to its iconic Veyron – the name. It will be called “Chiron” and debut at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. We already now it will cost $US2.5 million and possibly hit 463km/h, but we’ve got a few more details here for you. For context, if we all had Chirons and autobahns, it would be quicker to drive from Sydney to Melbourne than fly there. Except you’d burn through seven full tanks of fuel…

4. So you finished uni this year? Looking for a graduate job? Oh dear. While the great unwashed enjoy a rate of 6 job seekers to every regular gig, 39 uni grads this year will be squabbling over a single graduate job. That’s just countrywide, where The Top End, Tassie and NSW bring the average down to just alarming. If you graduated in SA or WA, pack your bags.

5. What the Sam Hill’s going on here?

Crooked ForestKilian SchoönbergerThe ‘Crooked Forest’ rests within an area outside of Nowe Czarnowo in the West Pomerania region of Poland.

No one really knows why trees in the aptly named “Crooked Forest” in Poland grow like this. There’s all sorts of theories, the best being that since they were planted around 1930, Germans were up to no good and doing… something. But we know one thing – they’re great to take pics of and landscape photographer Kilian Schoönberger shared some of his with us.

6. Get Rich Friday. What do you call a goal without a plan? A wish. You can thank certified financial planner Joe O’Boyle for that pearl. He reckons the trick to growing your wealth is not about earning more money, investing or saving a chunk of your salary each month. It’s about having a plan, and here’s one he created for a couple of sensible, successful youngsters.

7. In the movies, we found out who the bad guy in “Batman v Superman” is after the new trailer debuted last night on US TV. All you need to know is he once killed Supes, and he’s perfectly ridiculous enough to satisfy all of director Zack Snyder’s childlike, yet disturbingly violent fetishes. And Admiral Ackbar was confirmed for a role in “The Force Awakens”.

(Still no Lando Calrissian.)

8. Aussie basketball prodigy Ben Simmons has every NBA scout drooling. Just seven games into his college career at LSU, he’s pulling the types of numbers you’d only see in a video game, or 20 years ago when Shaquille O’Neal was at the same school. But he has one big weakness – he can’t shoot very well. Luckily, when you’ve got outrageous moves like this, you don’t need to:

He racked up 43 like that yesterday.

9. Macca’s has an announcement that’s so important, we weren’t allowed to tell you until 9am. That meant 10 Things came out 16 minutes late, so it better be good. You’ll have to click here to find out what it is though, and just so you know we’re not wasting your time, it’s about the fries. Fries.

10. “They have no idea what’s going to happen.” That’s how the first teaser for the next series of “Game of Thrones” finishes after several tantalising glimpses of Jon Snow. Someone at HBO is clearly having some fun with the fans and all their speculation. You can watch it here.

BONUS ITEM: We don’t all have this problem with rocks. But we definitely all need a friend like this:

Have a great weekend.

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