10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

Liz HurleyLiz Hurley denies having an affair with Bill Clinton. Photo: Getty / Ian Gavan

Good morning! Here’s your run-down for Thursday.

  1. South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill and opposition leader Steven Marshall will address calls from the business lobby today to kickstart the nuclear industry in the state. There’s talk of a “pilot program” and “a micro power plant”. Weatherill and Marshall are expected to discuss the issue at a lunch function. A space to watch ahead of the March 15 election in the state.
  2. Myer boss Bernie Brookes is moving on from the aborted DJs merger and now thinking about his infamous website. “We might move more into IT and less into store refurbishments,” he says.
  3. Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull suggested the ABC’s $225 million Asia Network could be replaced by streaming ABC24 services.
  4. The federal government has itself in a bit of a bind over assistance for Qantas given its overall posture on corporate handouts from taxpayers. The AFR reports that Treasurer Joe Hockey still has the door open because the airline sector is not a completely free market. However, the Fin says the government “is in no rush in the government to meet the airline’s primary request for a debt guarantee”.
  5. Twitter just reported its first-ever post-IPO earnings – revenue was a huge beat on expectations, up 116%, but the stock is tanking, down 13%, because the user growth has stalled.
  6. Schapelle Corby might be out of Kerobokan prison by the end of the week, depending on an imminent decision from authorities tomorrow. The customs officer who caught her with 4kg of weed in her boogie board bag at Bali airport nine years ago says he’s “disappointed” that the Australian may get parole.
  7. Women’s fitness retailer Lorna Jane is being courted for a potential stock market float this year.
  8. There are some concerns that Tony Abbott’s series of reviews will hold back momentum on reform. This was something that dogged Kevin Rudd after two years in office – not much was getting done but plenty of people were sitting around reviewing things. ANZ boss Mike Smith says the government should show urgency in seizing the opportunities presented by Asia, and avoid a “lost decade”.
  9. Speaking of Asia, Business Insider’s Mamta Badkar has spoken to a range of analysts about how China’s slowdown is causing ripple effects in Australia and around the world.
  10. Power romances in the news: Liz Hurley and Bill Clinton, with Hillary in the next room. (Hurley has denied this.) And Wendi Deng’s alleged crush on Tony Blair revealed in a letter published in Vanity Fair. Fifty shades of wrong.

Bonus item: This is the run for the snowboarding Slopestyle event at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, shot with a GoPro. The world’s best snowboarder, Shaun White of the US, refuses to ride it because he thinks it’s too dangerous. Australia’s Torah Bright has concerns about it too. Have a look:

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