10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. It’s Super Bowl 52 today, and no one has any idea what’s going on but someone in the office has demanded it be put on the telly anyway. But if you’re trading US stocks, here’s all you need to know:

That means if Tom Brady and the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles today, things aren’t looking great for the S&P in 2018.

2. Which is a worry, because on markets, it’s already ugly. The S&P500 closed on Friday with its biggest one-day points fall since 2008, and the bond selloff continued, with US 10-years hitting a four-year high. Here’s a simple explanation for why markets are freaking out. And you can expect an ugly start to trading in Australia as earnings season gets under way today. Futures traders have marked the open down by 65 points. And the Aussie is getting hammered.

3. Data! Let’s start with auction clearances, because it hasn’t taken long for them to start weakening again in 2018. And tomorrow, we get our first RBA rates call of the year, but don’t expect it to move. Also tomorrow, December retail sales will be interesting and overseas, New Zealand and the UK will make rates calls on Thursday. You’ll find all that and more for the week ahead in Sam Jacobs’ data diary.

4. This is no ordinary stick:

It’s a stick that can detect Cold War enemies from 300 metres away. And it’s one of 16 spy gadgets from CIA history at the CIA Museum in Washington, DC, that were actually used in spy missions. Check out the mini radios, drangonflies and codebreakers here.

5. Also in coding news today are criminals. Here’s a letter an inmate at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia tried to send recently:

Courtesy Col. Mark Adger

But when chief jailer Colonel Mark Adger sent it to a cryptanalysis expert, it revealed a request to murder one of the prison guards and her family. Here’s the scary real letter, decoded.

6. Up to 12,00 Apple employees are currently migrating to the new $US5 billion Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. So finally, we’re getting a look at what’s inside the “spaceship”, rather than aerial shots from a drone. Here’s the view from the inside, via Apple employee Instagram accounts.

7. Angry right now because you accidentally closed a tab? Don’t get mad, hit Ctrl-Shift-T and magic it back instantly. Or Command-Shift-T, Mac users. Because that’s one of eight nifty tricks we stole off redditors that are simple and make your life behind a computer a whole lot easier.

8. Northern Ireland does things differently. It calls Prince William and his wife Baron and Lady Carrickfergus, for starters. And here’s footage of a prominent MP using boltcutters to remove a clamp from his car:

He’s been asked to resign.

9. Here’s today’s story about a young someone who sold everything to get into bitcoin last year. Kingsley Advani emptied his account to buy into $US34,000 worth of bitcoin and related startups. He’s now worth something in the “low seven figures”. Here’s how he did it. And if that doesn’t annoy you enough, Advani says he doesn’t party or drink away his crypto fortune. He prefers to spend his free time meditating. Gah!

10. Ever wondered why some restaurants don’t use dollar signs on their menu? Neither have we, but that’s probably because it’s a sneaky trick to avoid reminding you that you’re spending money. Here are 10 other ways you’re getting sucked in, but just be thankful you’re not stuck with $16 beers at the Super Bowl today:

BONUS ITEM: All the Brian Blessed you need in your life right now:

Have a great week.

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