10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Don’t get distracted. Picture: Paramount

1. So, where do we go from here?

Did he really “hang up” on our PM? No, the PM said. “The call was courteous.” Will he refuse to take all the refugees? “President Trump’s decision to honor the refugee agreement has not changed,” the US Embassy in Australia said. Was Australia horrified and ashamed? Yes, and Republican senator John McCain made a point of expressing “unwavering support for the US-Australia alliance”. And there’s no doubt we’re entering a new era of diplomacy. Anyhoo, it certainly got Twitterers tweeting around the world.

2. But here’s the thing about Trump reporting. Think of it like a Test cricket match where England bundles Australia out for 117 at lunch on the first day at Lords and we all go to bed horrified and ashamed. Then wake up in the morning and we’re already batting again. Welcome to the era of report first, then report again later. It’s why that screamer yesterday about Trump “humiliating” Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and “threatening to invade Mexico”, well, “appears to be less sensational than initially reported”. Trump, for his part, this morning told the American people to “just don’t worry about it”.

3. One day, we might learn to face the fact that Australia is a minnow. Russia, however, is kind of a big deal, and so is this incontrovertible fact that the US Treasury overnight eased some of Obama’s sanctions in order to “authorise certain transactions” with Russia’s Federal Security Service. Well hello, news.

4. Markets got the jitters and were too scared to move. Signs of reflation trade are fading and the US dollar fell toward its lowest level since November. But tonight US traders will get the big monthly drop of non-farm payrolls. Australian stocks are poised to open little changed and the dollar is looking good right now.

5. We need a Scarlett Johannson break. Here’s a grab straight from the marketing department pretty much washing right over the fact that “Ghost in the Shell” is also a cracking story, rather than just ScarJo in a skintight suit kicking guys around:

You might note that the acronym for Ghost in the Shell also just happens to be GITS. The full teaser for the full forthcoming Super Bowl trailer is right here.

6. It’s a big day in tech. Amazon earnings are out, and it’s always a biggie after the holiday spending season. We’ll keep you updated here. And there’s more news coming through about Snap’s IPO, but for now, you’ll have to be content with this appraisal of the music CEO Evan Spiegel has been listening to these past few days.

UPDATE: We have the Snap paperwork.

7. Quote of the Day:

“I had a whole wheat pizza — and my kids hate whole wheat — so I put a little super salt in the tomato sauce, and they sucked that whole thing down.”

That’s not from The Simpsons. It’s food scientist Steve Witherly on why he thinks everyone should cook with MSG.

8. Frogs, like squids, are possibly aliens. Only aliens could change their spit to sticky, so they could catch insects, then back to non-sticky, so their tongues and prey don’t get all caught up in their throat, just by rolling back their eyeballs. Freaks.

9. Your kids think because you buy a coffee every day, and because it’s like, the price of four Chupa-Chups, you must be loaded. Sometimes it’s tempting to tell them exactly why you’re not loaded, but you need to resist. Here are 7 things you shouldn’t tell your kids about money.

10. Open offices are just fantastic until you need some walls. But employees also need their dignity, so let’s just assume this Transformable Meeting Space from MIT for Google is for laffs:

Mit and google design transformable workspaces

We have officially reached Peak Overdesign.

BONUS ITEM: Tweets from the future:

Spooky huh? No, you can’t edit timestamps on Twitter. But here’s how they might be doing it. And we’ll leave you with this:

Have a great day.

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