10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Stay cool, Sydney. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. It’s Google’s turn to roll out the new stuff. While we didn’t see the rumoured “Ultra Pixel” this morning, Google had a couple of surprises up its sleeve:

Here’s why all that shows the biggest war brewing in tech right now is the one between Google and Amazon. But there were still a solid amount of nerdy jabs at Apple:

2. The Pixel range also got a 12″ laptop – the Pixelbook. It weighs 1kg and is 1cm thick, which is impressive considering the top shelf version packs an i7 processor and 512GB of SSD storage, but there was no word of availability in Australia. And of course, the big show was reserved for these, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL phones:

You can preorder a Pixel 2 for $1079-$1229 right now, and you’ll get squeezy “active edge” tech and the new Lens object recognition feature. The Pixel 2 XL costs $1399 (64GB) and $1549 (128GB), but it’s bigger, has 1440p resolution, and dual stereo speakers.

3. Pictures are emerging from inside Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock’s room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel:

Still, there is no hint of a motive. Inside Room 32135, Paddocks had laid out all his 23 weapons, 12 bump stocks, piles of loaded magazines and wiring to cameras in the hallway outside, including one on a room service cart. He had a “Do Not Disturb” sign hung on his door for three days, which should have rang alarm bells for staff after 24 hours. It’s likely he’d planned the attack for months, and even sent his girlfriend back to the Philippines so she wouldn’t interfere.

4. So, how easy is it to buy a semiautomatic gun in the US? In Virginia, you can walk out of a store heavily armed in less than 15 minutes. One reporter got their AR-15 – the gun used in the Pulse shooting – in seven minutes. There’s no waiting period in Las Vegas, and you can buy as many guns as you want in a single trip. But here’s one gun shop owner who proudly refuses to sell weapons to people if something doesn’t “smell right”. “It’s probably cost me $US20,000,” he moaned.

5. US stocks continued their record-breaking ways, but in Spain, the Catalan “non-vote” was legitimate enough to sink the local market by 2.9%. JP Morgan has a new GFC on its cards – the “GLC”. But the global economy trend is overwhelmingly positive, and all the good PMIs overnight helped support the Aussie dollar. Once again, SPI200 Futures traders were confident for today’s opening, despite a poor run that’s gone on for weeks now.

6. Are you ready for summer? Researchers at The Australian National University reckon we’re looking at those record-breaking heatwaves in Sydney and Melbourne in 2015 to become the norm by 2025. Along with 50C days.

7. If you’re a down-on-your luck cleaner struggling to make ends meet, here’s the good news – so was Tony Robbins once. But he went hungry for a week and spent his pay on one thing that put him on the road to about $6 billion.

8. You know you should do some form of daily workout. The problem is, it’s boring and takes an hour and you’ve got a hundred interesting things on your list ahead of sweating and hurting and feeling nauseous and embarrassed. But here’s the science that says even 5 minutes of elevated heart rate is the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have. It’s certainly better than eating like Warren Buffett for a week.

9. And you’re never too old to be bringing tricks to the NBA as a rookie. Serbian Milos Teodosic has waited 30 years for his shot at the big time, and the Clippers crowd is enjoying this new show:

10. Today in celebrity surprises, lookalikes Larry David and Bernie Sanders found out they are actually cousins. And Michelle Obama was wrapping up a Q&A at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women when moderator Shonda Rhimes cut to this video:



BONUS ITEM: “Hey little kid, I’m your doctor today. But before we get that whistle out of your throat… one more. Please”:

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