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Good morning.

1. So rates got cut and at least one bank actually passed on some of the savings. Unreal. But while economists think the RBA will leave things alone for a couple of months, here’s a chart which shows how markets expect at least one more cut by May next year. (CBA reckons by November this year.) And here’s some mud in the eye for those who reckon the RBA failed, because the Aussie dollar took off yesterday after the call instead of falling, like it was supposed to. David Scutt reckons had the bank left rates steady, the Aussie could easily have finished above 77 US cents.

2. The ASX fell 47 points yesterday and looks set for another downer after stocks were lower across the board in Europe and North America overnight. The September SPI 200 futures contract is down another 35 points. But gold is up, oil is down and iron ore is holding steady.

3. ZuckerBorg. If you’re really old, you might remember this meme from the 90s:

It was a comment on Microsoft’s apparent policy at the time of “if you can’t buy it, copy it and crush them”. So when Facebook is fending off a growing challenge from Snapchat – which it has so far failed to buy – it resorts to copying its rival’s best features. It failed with Poke three years ago, but today, it launched a product on Instagram which lets you share a photo or video that disappears after 24 hours. Kind of exactly like Snapchat Stories. It’s even called Instagram Stories. So here’s why that makes Mark Zuckerberg officially the new Bill Gates.

4. Samsung is back on a roll. After the success of the Galaxy S7, which reportedly outsold the iPhone 6S in the US, it’s taken all the best features and then added some for the Note 7, released today. Including a neat retina scanner. And BI’s Steve Kovach is in love:

“I’ve been lugging an iPhone 6 Plus around for almost two years now, and it feels like a brick compared to the Galaxy Note 7.”

Here’s why Kovach says Samsung is now out-designing Apple. But if you’re holding out for something special from Apple, here’s a very informed guess at to when the iPhone 7 will drop.

5. In case you thought China was kidding about a military strike on Australian ships that enter the South China Sea, here’s an update. A couple of weeks ago, The Hague ruled out any legal basis for China claiming assets within its own “nine-dash line”. That’s this asset-rich region, which just happens to be home to some $5 trillion in annual global trade:

China responded by ignoring it, then landing a civilian aircraft on Mischief Reef for the first time. That reef legally belongs to the Philippines – and is what the next flash point in the South China Sea looks like. And if you think China is scared to use the W word, AFP is reporting a Beijing minister just urged preparations for a “people’s war at sea”.

6. Coincidentally, on the other side of the Pacific, the US Air Force has suddenly decided its version of the F-35 Lightning II, the F-35A, is “ready for war”. That came just a couple of days after excellently named Air Force F-35A test pilot Major Raven LeClair fired an air-to-air missile at a drone over military airspace off California. And hit it – for the first time.

7. Andrew Bogut is still whingeing about his little Olympics bed and has been forced to make a shower curtain, so he’s now drumming up all the wrong kind of support for his hashtag #IOCLuxuryLodging. Meanwhile, athletes from other countries are doing amazing things like recreating the Olympic rings in underwater bubbles and scoring goals in ice hockey by throwing their stick:

8. Trump said Hillary Clinton was the devil and then told a lady he loved hearing her baby crying while he was trying to give a speech at a rally. Then he said:

“Actually, I was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here.”

Which was kind of funny in a you-had-to-be-there way. See for yourself. Then see if you can note the difference in the Facebook pages of the two presidential candidates. We’ll give you a clue:

9. Let’s pretend your work is great and you’ve just received a stellar performance review. There’s even crazy talk of a pay rise. The only thing that could make it better would be ditching those office walls and people for a cosy corner in your lounge and PJs until 10am. Heads up – it’s time to deploy the “ARMS” technique. Best-selling author Ramit Sethi came up with it and says it’s the best way to trick persuade your boss into letting you work a couple of days from home.

10. Tony Robbins has made millions by making millions for other people with his energetic, inspirational talks, videos and books. But he started life in a poor, unstable family, was out on his own at 17, living on a cleaner’s wage. Then he met his hero Jim Rohn, and it was actually Rohn’s advice which took Robbins to the top. And he just shared it with us at in a Facebook Live Q&A at our New York office. Fill your boots.

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Have a great day.

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