10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Google is going for it. Its first proper hardware division this morning rolled out what it’s been working on for a couple of years, and it was quite a showcase. We got:

It’s a big play for Google. The strongest selling point for Apple has been “everything just works”. And in one huge announcement, Google’s just made it very clear that it’s offering the same, and maybe more – phone, TV, home assist, VR, wifi network. Here’s the clincher that says Google is serious about converting Apple fans – every one of Google’s new phones will come with a dongle that automatically moves data over from an iPhone.

2. It was a big night for traders after Bloomberg signalled an EU taper tantrum wasn’t impossible as the ECB’s QE programme edges toward a March finish. Gold got destroyed and looks wobbly and the US dollar was stronger as the market bets the Fed is serious about rates. Here in Oz, the December SPI200 contract is down 31 points and the dollar is back at 0.7620. Retail sales data is out today – here’s your 10-second guide.

And here’s JPMorgan’s comprehensive guide to markets for the rest of 2016.

3. Tony Abbott has spent a lot of time in the past 12 months assuring us that his leadership is “dead, buried and cremated” and that “the Abbott era is over”. But Fairfax Media reports Abbott has been telling right-wing allies in Britain that he believes he has a reasonable chance of becoming prime minister again. That’s interesting. Abbott, of course, is already denying it.

4. Here’s a headline that says all you need to know about Elon Musk:

Mercedes Benz needs another 10 years to overhaul what Musk has achieved in automotive disruption. That’s Mercedes Benz, inventor of the first car.

5. By the time that happens, Musk will have already sent Leonardo DiCaprio to live on Mars. But closer to Earth, another self-made billionaire is trying to access $16 quadrillion worth of minerals on the moon.

6. You can now get frequent flyer points for booking with Airbnb. Qantas announced the deal yesterday. Were Tourism Accommodation Australia happy about it? No, they were not. And here’s the handout pic:

Photo: James Horan/ supplied.

Can you spot the target market?

7. In case there was any danger you thought it was, then no, Donald Trump’s tax avoidance is not normal.

8. Tasmania has its first PlayStation game. University of Tasmania tech lecturer Ian Lewis took a 48-hour challenge to build a playable game, then used $14,000 in crowdfunding to refine it, and formed a company, Giant Margarita, to pitch it to Sony. The result is Party Golf, a downloadable, customisable game of sabotage with “trillions and trillions” of modes:

Your kids will go nuts for it. Check out the trailer.

9. Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is officially the world’s most abrasive leader. He’s now told the US president to go to hell, and the EU to go somewhere else because hell will be full of Obama. He said he may “break up” with America and doesn’t need its weapons because Russia and China have already promised him some. “It may sound s..t to you…” he said in a news conference after delivering a couple of fierce speeches in Manila. Yes it does, president Duterte. Yes it does “sound s..t”.

10. Australia’s newest NBA star, Ben Simmons, looks set to make anywhere between $12-$20 million in his first year for the Philadelphia 76ers. Except he probably won’t be playing in his first year for the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers have just confirmed Simmons has had surgery on a “Jones fracture” in his foot. A Jones fracture is notorious for its season-ending powers.

BONUS ITEM: We could have showed you the cool new Star Wars: Rogue One poster from Russia. But the nerd is stronger in this one – BB8 got real:

Have a great day.

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