10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

‘No, Mr Trump. I expect you to lie.’ Picture: Eon Productions

Good morning.

1. To the markets. Where do we look today for clues? Offshore stocks were quiet, so no leads there. Shanghai was a wild ride yesterday and isn’t helping anyone right now. March futures are up 15 points, so with any luck, the ASX should hold even while nudging the old downtrend line it broke out of in late December. The Aussie is lower as the US dollar strengthens, and iron ore’s record run came to an end. So let’s go with energy, because the only significant number overnight is crude falling another 2.67%.

2. Who killed Dick Smith? It would be easy to blame the private equity firm that refloated the company back in 2014. But Tony Boyd reckons that’s nonsense and our Greg McKenna has his own theory about the death of the tinkerer’s icon.

3. Played golf? Then you’ve cheated at least once. You may have even been caught cheating once. But it’s very unlikely that you’ve been caught cheating four times, and even less likely two of the accusers were Alice Cooper and Samuel L Jackson. Shame on you Donald Trump, for not being able to cheat at golf properly.

4. How serious is NASA about sending humans to Mars? Serious enough that they’ve built a space car. The SEV weighs nearly three tonnes and excellently, has toilet and bedroom facilities which allow two people to drive it around for two weeks. And BI’s Jessica Orwig got to take it for a spin, where she immediately checked out its mad circlework potential:

There’s more pics and video here.

5. Warren Buffett couldn’t do everything, so he hired college dropout and former meteorologist Charlie Munger as his right-hand man at Berkshire Hathaway. Munger’s now worth a cool $1.2 billion. He turned 92 this week, so here are 10 Charlie Munger quotes that show why his wit and wisdom are just as cherished as Buffett’s.

6. Your new Fitbit. Terrible news for those who got a Charge or Surge for Christmas – the Blaze has got the lot, and, unlike the Surge, doesn’t look like you pulled it from a $2 lucky dip at the Easter Show:

It’s due to be released later this year. Here’s what you need to know.

7. Aussie filmmaker Peter Carstairs has fended off 4497 advertising creatives to make the final three of of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl competition. His ad is comfortably the most clickable, featuring an unborn baby who can’t resist a tasty cheesy snack:

Carstairs has already nailed $US100,00 for making the final three, but he’s a great shot at collecting the top prize of $US1 million and a collaboration with ‘Batman vs Superman’ director Zack Snyder. All he needs is your vote.

8. Well played. Pranav Dhanawade, 15, just became the first person to score more than 1000 runs in school cricket. He knocked up 1009 for KC Gandhi School in the HT Bhandari Cup inter-school tournament, smashing 59 sixes before KC declared at 3-1465. The previous record was 628 set by Arthur Collins way back in 1899. Spare a thought for Ayush Dubey, whom Dhanawade tonked 352 off in an lifetime average crushing 23 overs. Here’s some footage, and here’s the tweet any young cricketer would give his googlies for:

“You need to scale more peaks”?

9. This is the Worst Product Ever Made:

Even worser, the LogBar was made with $1 million of Kickstarter backers’ dollars. It was supposed to let you control everything from your texts to your home appliances using hand gesture commands, but didn’t. Regardless, the company that made it, iLi, has pressed on and knocked up a universal translator that hangs around your neck like a Starfleet officer’s communicator badge. It’s on show right now at CES, and it even seems to work.

10. If you’re into stuff the army does – particularly the US Army – we’ve got the post you were looking for. Here are 27 of the most incredible photos the US Army took in 2015, most of which actually are incredible. Promise.

Have a great day.

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