10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

You’re nicked.

Good morning. How’s your head?

1. First, the markets. The RBA went all Janet Yellen on us yesterday, keeping rates on hold but mentioning “scope for further easing of policy”. A bet each way, then, which saw the Aussie hold onto the post-statement gains near 72 cents. And with stocks in the US and Europe pushing higher along with oil prices, it’s left the ASX 200 December SPI futures up another 28 points in overnight trade to sit at 5,256. That’s a good sign.

2. Cup Day. Giving Michelle Payne the ride on Prince of Penzance was the best decision anyone made in Australia yesterday. And here’s the worst decision anyone made in Australia yesterday:

Some predictable muttering about “if she were a man” ensues.

3. Here’s another “double standard”. No doubt many of you were standing near a sausage somewhere yesterday when someone cried for a horse which died in the name of entertainment. But here’s the thing – even if you try to justify your meat-eating by saying you ensure the animals you eat were cared for, all the “clean, safe farm environments” in the world don’t change the fact that we, humans, lock a cow in a paddock, and force her to have sex with a stranger so we can eventually take her one-year old baby off her and put it through a meat grinder because burgers. And, like racing, we don’t have to, but we do.

4. Instead, focus on this beautiful piece by Simon Thomsen about good things in the racing world and we’ll work through how to fix the injury side together, in time, without banning everything. And this goosebumpling picture:

Jockey Michelle Payne gives her brother Stevie a kiss after winning the Melbourne Cup. Photo: Michael Dodge/Getty Images

5. Iron ore is beyond rescue. At least for the next few years, says Alan Chirgwin, and he should know. As BHP’s president of marketing for iron ore based out of Singapore, he’s assuming the iron price will continue to fall to the highest break-even production cost “of a major producer in Australia or Brazil” – and stay there for a few years. At the moment, that’s somewhere in the high $30 a tonne region to low $40 region. It’s currently at $49.11 a tonne.

6. Waking up is hard enough, so why complicate it by trying to choose a perfect “wake up” playlist? Spotify’s already done it for you, with the help of music psychologist and Cambridge PhD candidate, David M. Greenberg. It’s 20 songs, “Friday” isn’t one of them, and all have these three main elements. (You won’t find this either, but it’s undeniably effective, turned up to 11, somewhere on the other side of the house.)

7. Old Wonders are the New Wonders. It’s not quite the Big Bogan, but at 120m tall, the Colossus of Rhodes will certainly be an eyecatcher. A team of scientists hope to lead a campaign to raise about $300 million to rebuild the ancient statue which fell down in an earthquake in 226BC, and crown it with a lighthouse which can be seen 45km away:

Colossus of RhodesColossus of RhodesA rendering of the 400-foot Colossus of Rhodes reboot.

Standing at the original site in Rhodes, Greece, it will take three years, they reckon, and add some much-needed jobs to the struggling economy.

8. Bond is back and so is Sam Mendes, the director of “SkyFall” for the latest instalment in the epic franchise, “Spectre”. Ian Phillips has seen it, and says “entertaining”, something we didn’t catch about “story” and then drops the killer hook “150 minute run time”. Sold.

9. “Our mum is a f…king SP.” According to Scientology escapee Leah Remini, that’s how Bella Cruise once described Mrs Cruise, aka Nicole Kidman. “SP” stands for Suppressive Person, and it’s not a good thing to be within Scientology. Napoleon, Hitler, the unrepentant killer, and the drug lord are SPs. Remini has just released a book about her time as a Scientologist, and there’s plenty more where this came from.

10. Want to watch a 2300kg piece of space junk collide with Earth? You can, here, because it happened back in 2008, when the European Space Agency sentenced one of its Automated Transfer Vehicles, called Jules Verne, to death by re-entry. And it will kind of happen again next Saturday, when a piece of space junk named WT1190F re-enters our atmosphere at 6:20am AEDT over the Indian Ocean, about 100km off the coast of Sri Lanka.

Have a great day. Feel free to sign on at the bottom if you like this enough to want to read it every day.

BONUS ITEM: Miesha Tate is the only UFC fighter who’s pushed Ronda Rousey outside one round. The Janoskians are a pretty funny bunch of YouTube idiots from Melbourne. When they all met in the ring, it was glorious, emasculating carnage:

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