10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Pixels the movie, starring Pac-Man.

1. The ASX is in for another solid day of trade following yesterday’s 1.9% gain. Overnight futures traders have taken the December SPI 200 contract up another 66 points. The banks are likely to do well again and BHP and Rio were both up very strongly in London trade as commodities rallied. With all that good news on a day Australia’s biggest state had a public holiday, NSW should take today off too.

2. Jack Dorsey is the new CEO at Twitter but he’s worked at the company two times before — and both are considered disasters. With Twitter’s growth languishing, many are hoping Dorsey will lead a comeback, giving the company a shot of energy and vision. But a look back at Dorsey’s previous stints there offer a cautionary footnote to the feel-good, Jack’s-back narrative. Read more here.

3. It’s RBA day. Most pundits expect the RBA to hold firm again today but we’ll all be reading the statement carefully to see if there has been any change in expectations of growth. We also see the release of trade data for August and this morning we get the ANZ-Roy Morgan consumer confidence release. Offshore it’s factory orders in Germany, house prices in the UK and trade in the US tonight. Greg McKenna has more.

4. Elon Musk wants NASA to pay for a back up copy of the human race. Musk believed — and still believes — that around 0.25% of US GDP, or about 1% of the US budget, should be dedicated to space. “For 1%,” he says, “we can buy life insurance.” Musk wants to establish a thriving human colony on another planet before a catastrophic disaster hits the Earth and wipes out the human race, like the asteroid that took out the dinosaurs. That means we need a back up copy of the human race, and according to Musk, that’s a plenty compelling reason to double NASA’s budget.

5. China’s economy could turn into a zombie. China is, depending on who you speak to, either an economic power-house destined for global domination, or a house of cards on the verge of collapse. There is, however, a third way — China’s economy turns into a zombie. This leads to a “lost decade scenario,” according to Societe Generale’s Wei Yao, and it is becoming more and more likely as China fails to follow through on reforming its corporate sector. What’s worse, she says, is that the Chinese government is running out of time. After a while, zombies tend to take over — and they don’t kill you, they just turn you into one of them.

6. Donald Trump really doesn’t like migrants, and this time it’s Syrian refugees fleeing the war against ISIS. The Republican presidential front-runner is sounding the alarm over a potential Islamic State-led “military coup” in the US. Speaking to Fox News he said: “It (Syria) could be one of the greatest coups of all time. They could be ISIS. It could be a plot. I mean, I don’t want to think in terms of conspiracy, but it could be a plot.”

Trump continued: “I mean, this could be a Trojan horse in a sense: 200,000 people coming into the United States, and let’s say a lot of them would be ISIS. And they come in here and we’re totally unprepared for it.”

7. 13-year-old YouTube star Caleb Logan has died suddenly ‘of natural causes’. Fans are mourning the tragic death of Logan, best known for his family’s YouTube channel “Bratayley,” where the family posts video of their family antics. Logan’s mother announced the news on Friday via Instagram.

8. How do you make Pac-Man better? Create it inside the world of ‘Minecraft’. On a quest to re-create video game classics, 23-year-old “Mr Squishy” is now working on re-creating “Pokémon Red” after already re-created the original “Pac-Man.” He’s doing it all within “Minecraft,” the Lego-like game that’s beloved by millions of players the world over. And that’s not just a visual re-creation, but a functional arcade cabinet built within the world of “Minecraft.” It’s very cool.

9. Does beauty actually exist? The one formula that’s supposed to “prove” beauty is fundamentally wrong. Back in 1855, German psychologist Adolf Zeising published a book with a ridiculously long title called:

A New Theory of the proportions of the human body, developed from a basic morphological law which stayed hitherto unknown, and which permeates the whole nature and art, accompanied by a complete summary of the prevailing systems.

It launched a craze that has captivated mathematicians, philosophers, artists, filmmakers, and the general public for nearly two centuries. But as it turns out, “He was just some sort of a crank”. At least now we know that when you say your wife/ husband/ partner/ boyfriend/ girlfriend is beautiful, you’re absolutely right. Read more here.

10. So, Google could have been called BackRub — not kidding. Back in 1996, before Google even existed as an entity, Page and Brin were already making up nerdy names for search engines, one of those being “BackRub.” The name was derived from the fact that the program analysed the web’s “back links” to understand how important a website was, and what other sites it related to. By 1997, Page seems to have decided that the BackRub name just wasn’t good enough and began to workshop different names. “Google” actually came from a graduate student at Stanford named Sean Anderson, who suggested “googolplex”. It was then shortened to “googol”, which is the digit 1 followed by 100 zeroes, and from there it became “google.com”.

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