10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Good morning.

1. First, to markets. And there were no surprises in US data overnight, helping the CME Fedwatch tool put the probability of a June rate hike at 88.8%. US markets barely moved, apart from energy stocks dragging the S&P500 slightly lower. In data today, we get private sector credit growth and the US gets an update to the Beige Book. Chinese markets reopen after a two-week holiday, so expect iron ore to awaken today. And the Aussie dollar is drifting higher.

2. BuzzFeed CEO and co-founder Jonah Peretti is in Sydney, and we had a long chat to him. There was a lot to talk about, so there’s more to come, but we started by asking him what the lawsuit filed against BuzzFeed last week by a Russian bank seeking damages means for a comparatively young media company. Here’s what Peretti said and why it won’t change BuzzFeed’s commitment to the public’s “right to know”.

3. Remember that time Chris Gayle tried to hit on Channel 10 journalist Mel McLaughlin? 21-year-old French tennis player Maxime Hamou had his awful turn in the spotlight:

And lost his accreditation for the French Open. Meanwhile, this is what it looks like when a player refuses to shake his opponent’s hand after a match.

4. Music streaming startup Guvera ripped $185 million out of investors over nine years before it shut down without making a single dollar in profit. It lost $81 million last year alone off revenue of $1.2 million. So you’re welcome to feel annoyed on learning that co-founders Darren Herft and Claes Loburg were pulling salaries of $264,000 and $300,000 as part of that staggering loss-making enterprise.

5. But hey, it’s your super and you’re welcome to invest it in loss-making enterprises startups instead of businesses. Telstra will invest it for you, and has just announced a $35 million investment into an organisation that provides venture capital and incubation for startups. It’s all to do with developing IP opportunities out of our universities.

6. Or you could chuck another $US1 billion at Faraday Future to help it release cars awkwardly nothing like the concepts it has shopped around. But the same amount of cash could buy you a fleet of Rolls-Royce Sweptails – about seven, in fact. They’re $US13 million a pop. The Spotify and Airbnb IPOs are looking good right now, though.

7. Life is good when you’re the leader of the Hermit Kingdom:

April 22, 2017: Kim Jong Un inspects Thaechon Pig Farm of KPA Air and Anti-Air Force.
Photo: KCNA Watch

Adoring fans and officials all over the place. But why are they always taking notes? Here’s a load of pics of people taking notes while Kim Jong Un does things just to prove it.

8. Andy Rubin has done some great things in smartphones. Arguably the greatest thing – the creation of Android. And now, he has finally unveiled his own smartphone – the as-yet unnamed device from his company, Essential. And right off the bat, the colour scheme and titanium packaging is a winner:

Here are the details on the properly important bits. And here are the secret codes you need to access hidden iPhone features.

9. Here are all the things we learnt at Google University today. Why there are mysterious giant arrows all across the US that you can only see from the air. Nutella is actually healthy. Why Boeing 747s have that hump in the front. And why Tuesday at 2:30pm is the best time to buy flight tickets. Oh, wait – Nutella is actually not healthy. Sorry.

10. And here’s something we learnt from Clare Moore, a content marketing manager at HR company MHR. It’s a three-step rundown of all the things you need to do to give yourself the absolute best chance of getting a pay rise when you finally work up the courage to ask for it.

BONUS ITEM: “Tabarnak” indeed:

Have a great day. Don’t poke the bear.

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